Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Crashing for the night.

I tried to finish the VK review. Really. But I ran out of vitriol.

Usually I do have to take a break about halfway through, because I start saying "meh" to everything, with no details. Can't have that. So with luck, the VK review will be here tomorrow.


Tonight I knit at the Goob's swimming class. Just the teal KAL sweater, nothing exotic. There was a woman in front of me, a little to the left, who kept turning around to look at it, and me. I smiled at first, half expecting her to come over, sit down next to me, and whip out her own project. (It has happened before, usually in air ports.) Alas, no. Just odd looks. So I quit noticing her. Sort of.

Maybe tomorrow she'll bring her knitting? We can hope, anyway.


Melodye said...

Maybe she thinks the Goob should have your undivided attention? She should get a life or at least take up knitting. Helicopter parents (sigh) What do these people do when their kids leave home? Oh wait, they call them everyday or even worse go with them!

Anonymous said...

Either that or she'll ask what you're crocheting... try not to poke her, ok?

Amy Lane said...

I like the odd looks I get for knitting-- makes me feel like a goddess or something...