Saturday, February 20, 2010

Productivity: Nil.

Usually, when I'm sick or in pain, I'm pretty good about spinning or knitting through it. My shrink used to go on and on and ON about 'distraction' and generally not sitting around thinking "wow, I feel like shit". And I was on board with that. Hell, I still agree with it. In principle. But it's kind of hard when I feel so shitty I can't concentrate. So lately I've been staring at the walls, with occasional breaks to Tweet rude things, and cook dinner.

Here's my latest. A friend of mine asked me to spin her some 'steampunk yarn' with gears and springs and shiny stuff, spun with some violet and 'red wine colored' wool. I got this far:

A 7oz batt from CopperPot at Etsy. (Great vendor. I've ordered from her twice now. She ships lightning fast and it's always nicer in person than it looks in the photo. Can't beat it. Even though she included the weight and other info on the web site, when it got here, it was about twice as much fiber as I was expecting.) It's mostly wool, with glitter and bamboo and stuff mixed in. It's darker than it looks in that photo, and soft as a baby's butt. I'm waiting for a handful of watch parts to get here from eBay, and I'll string them on some black crochet cotton and ply it all up. It'll look really cool, if I ever get to it.

So far I've gotten as far as winding some yarn off a bobbin, today. Whee.

Then there's that whole sweater for the Olympics thing. Trying not to think about it.


Since there's nothing to report, how about some Goob photos?

The other day, the Goob wanted to wear her Pwincess Dwess. The husbeast put it on her, right over her pajamas. She fell asleep face-down in her beanbag chair, wearing it. Teehee.

Here she's playing with Sekhmet.

And here she's brushing her dadad's hair.

The husbeast and I are watching motocross at the moment. I'm wishing for a new motorcycle, much the way I imagine a former smoker wishes for a cigarette. (Except the damage is done to my joints, not my lungs.) Maybe I should try to sleep, so I could, you know, do something tomorrow. Like, spinning. Or whatever.


Anonymous said...

You know one day the Goob is going to hate you for posting all of these picures of her.
Maybe when she is 13 or 14, but she wil get over it.

She sure is darn cute.


Emily said...

Yeah, being so sick that nothing, but nothing, works as distraction really really sucks. You're clearly on the way back from that, thank goodness. As for the Goob at 13 or 14, it's also possible that your blog will be "beneath" her & she won't look! So maybe keep it quiet about the pictures.

Can hardly wait to see what you spin.

Roxie said...

Wow, talk about a flash-back. I used to sit and comb my dad's hair while he watched TV. For a minute, I was THERE! What a nice trip.

It sucks when the body prevents you from distracting yourself from how crappy the body is feeling. Sending lungpower vibes in your direction!

Excited about the "Steampunk yarn!"

Donna Lee said...

Steampunk yarn! Images of Girl Genius came to mind.

I've only been that sick (where I can't even pay attention to anything) a few times. It is harder because time seems so endless when my hands aren't busy.

Here's hoping you get your brain back soon. (although I imagine even on a bad day, you've got more going on in there than most people)

Alwen said...

Gah, migraines are disabling to that extent for me. Can't ignore them, can't cut off my head. And the time I hurt my rotator cuff and couldn't sleep through the pain, blergh. (*Guiltily does mobility physio I've been slacking off on*)

Sends you some painkiller mojo

Walden said...

Hope you feel better soon. Something really seems to be going around. Everyone seems to be getting it.

Can't wait to see your steampunk yarn.

Amy Lane said...

gees... I knew I'd been missing not being on twitter lately! Sometimes you just need to contemplate dog, yanno... when you're bored with that, you'll get right on that activity stuff...

Galad said...

Being that sick does really suck and there isn't anything you can do but wait it out. Glad you've at least made it back to the blog.

Love Steampunk yarn idea!

nolongerbabynuke said...

I'm trying to decide if the expression on the husbeast's face is one of bliss or exhaustion.

FeyRhi said...

Steampunk yarn?! You made my heart skip a beat at the very idea. Now I have thoughts of steam-powered kniting machines :-)

Roz said...

The Husbeast's beard totally says, "I'm retired!"

Goob is cute -- Sekhmet too!

Feel better.

bhuidhe said...


Anonymous said...

I know this sounds wimpy and so be it, but from bitter experience with pneumonia there's nothing like sleep, reading (or spinning funky yarn), sleeping more, eating something, and then - you got it! restorative sleep! It's an elusive, difficult concept for active people, though. Feel better soon! DS

choperena said...

I totally want the goober's dress!

So, gears in the yarn... Something about that screams ouch. What does your friend plan on knitting with it? And won't they scratch up the needles, too? Other than that, the idea has a lot of potential!

Louiz said...

Hope you're feeling better.

If you're still not up to much, himself has started watching this series

and I instantly thought of you.

(James Burke's connections if the link doesn't work, on youtube)