Friday, February 12, 2010

Not dead yet.

Yeah, it's that time of year, and I've got pneumonia (or what is nearly pneumonia; I'm running a fever and can't breathe, sounds like pneumonia to me). Again. This is a nastier germ than the one I had at Christmas; either it's a mean germ or I was still worn down from the damn Christmas bug. Anyway, I'm on medication, hoping it will kick in, and sleeping sitting up. That's where I've been the last couple days.

So, the few bits of news and cuteness we've got around here.

It's still snowing, off and on. They 'plowed' our road with a backhoe, yesterday. (If you plow a road with a plow, does that mean the road was backhoed, yesterday?) This is the view out my living room window:

(Sorry for the blur; I had to take the photo with a low light setting to avoid flash on the glass.) What's restricting the view is a whole lot of snow and a shrub that exploded from too much ice and cold. I know I'm in a ground floor apartment, but good grief. Really fun here.


With the Goober and me lying about, the husbeast wound up laying on the Goober's pink beanbag chair to watch TV last night. I tried to get a photo. He said "You're going to- blog- fucker!" But right then his phone rang and he got up, so no photo. Sorry. But it was funny.


I was awakened from a nap yesterday, to the Goober tucking her teddy bears around me. Normally she gets in big trouble for waking people up from naps, but that time she got hugs and was told how nice she is for sharing.


We now have a frog humidifier. It really classes up the living room.


I've found a rather odd and entertaining drug side effect. Some of my stronger painkillers dry out the mucous membranes. While I'm not suggesting you take class four drugs for a stuffy nose, it sure does help. When I take them for my hand, my nose clears right up. Finally, a GOOD side effect.


The Winter Olympics start at 9PM, our time. I'm hoping to watch the opening ceremonies while starting on my project. I'm doing WIPs. So the first project will be Innsvinget Ganser. It's been languishing since 2005. I need to put it out of its mercy. If, by some miracle, I get that done, I've got something else I could work on.

That's it at my house. I intend to spend the weekend unconscious. The fun never ends.


Louiz said...

Glad you're not dead yet. How sweet that the Goober tucked her toys with you. Did they help?:)

Good luck with the olympics WIPs.

verification word is nonabler, which mades me giggle.

NeedleTart said...

Elder Son sent out a cry for help (or at least a shovel) in digging out his car. It is his second winter away from home and the first huge snow. We told him to use a baking sheet as he couldn't get anywhere to buy a shovel. He sent back a message, "No problem, Mom, the firemen dug me out." Firemen?
Firemen!! Apparently they were helping out the neighbors and it was his apartment's turn.
His brother BTW? Entrenching tool. History majors!

Emily said...

You've been on antibiotics for some days now? As a veteran pneumonia sufferer, I am concerned. You should be showing some signs of improvement by now. If this is bacterial (which it always is with me), then your antibiotic isn't touching the bug.

I don't know how many days it's been...3? 4?...but something should be better. Call the doctor.

But I do love the thought of the Goob tucking her bears around you.

Catie said...

Glad you're not dead

Alwen said...

I woke up from a migraine once to find the kid, all of about 3, had tucked his Hobbes and several beanie babies around me. Aww. (Although I felt like a fail as a mom!)

Roxie said...

Seven out of eight doctors will tell you that napping with a bear will enhance your recuperative powers.

Snow sucks. Sucks, sucks, SUCKS!! And when it melts, will you be flooded out? God forbid!

Wish you had gotten that photo of the husbeast on the PINK beanbag. It must have set off his virility no end!

caryn said...

In the blizzard of 78, we got dug out by the highway sized snow blower. He buried two driveways with blown snow before he realized that he should be swinging that chute as he passed driveway openings or he was going to be mauled by angry shovelers.
As a chronic bronchitis sufferer let me suggest putting CVS Muscle Rub on your chest. (I specify CVS Muscle Rub because the other ones I tried are too hot.) It doesn't cure anything but the heat eases the tightness and the smell makes you think you can breathe. Oh, and don't forget the usual lemon juice in hot water. Get well soon.

Galad said...

I'm glad you aren't dead yet too. Who would keep us all entertained with topics like slime molds?

How sweet of the Goob to share her bears. She's a good kid.

Anita said...

I really really hope you are feeling better soon. You've had a bad run, to say the least.....

WikiBobo said...

I want someone to tuck bears in bed next to me! A cat's hairy butt in my face is NOT an acceptable substitute!

Today's word: "fferal!"

Donna Lee said...

Ah, man. I'm sorry you're sick. At least the weather is awful.

Amy Lane said...

The title of the post was VERY reassuring. I'm doing WIP's this year too... maybe. I may just spend the Olympics simply being more conscientious about knitting every day.

Emily said...

OK, it's been days & days & I am now officially worried...

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie, I hope you're going to write a post on the big discoveries in Egypt when you're up to it. Fascinating stuff! They identified Akhenaten!

Amy said...

Adding myself to the officially worried list. Pneumonia is nothing to sneeze at (so to speak). I hope you're OK.