Monday, February 08, 2010

The day from hell.

This week, I had two doctor's appointments. One this morning with a pain specialist, and one tomorrow with my regular guy. After last weekend's snow, I figured I should give myself some extra time this morning, so I left the house an hour and a half early. In normal weather, the drive would take about twenty minutes (conveniently, the new pain specialist is about five blocks past the yarn store).

After an hour and forty minutes on the road, I finally accepted that I wouldn't make the appointment if I was given FOUR hours, turned around, and went home. If it hadn't been for the other yahoos on the road, I'd have made it. The roads were okay - not great, but driveable. Unfortunately they were full of people going "AAAAAH! SNOW!" and slamming on the breaks. I saw one lunatic park their car in the middle of the road and walk away.

Then the doctor's office called me to reschedule tomorrow's appointment, because there is MORE snow coming and they wanted to close the office early.

I got both appointments rescheduled in a timely fashion, but I still feel like I've been beating my head on a wall all day.

So to distract from the fact that I'm STILL not doing anything around here, some Goober photos!

She was playing 'house' under a table last night:

And this is her this morning. She wakes up in a worse mood than I do.

That's popcorn in the bowl next to her. She likes it for breakfast, and I figure, what the heck, it's a whole grain (sort of), and full of fiber and not full of sugar.

And here's Sekhmet, trying to fit herself into a little sunbeam on the floor:

It didn't work too well. She wasn't happy. So she took out her frustration by waiting and pouncing me at about midnight.


Amy Lane said...

Hey-- you had some Goober time. I did NOTHING today, my house looks like crap, I got no writing done, but I had a day off and my kid sat on my lap and I knit. It was a giant win. Sounds like you had one too. (Except for Sekhmet trying to sit on your head like a hat. Fucking cats.)

Robin said...

Yeh, wish I could just drive on the road by myself! Glad they could reschedule you promptly. More snow predicted for us, too.

Roxie said...

Remember when we were kids and a snow day was the best thing that could ever happen? Bake some oatmeal raisin cookies and take a nap. Or play with the Goober.

Popcorn makes a great breakfast. So does cold pizza.

Donna Lee said...

My kids used to make houses out of the furniture. And under the holly tree with the large pendant branches in the yard.

We have had two days of being able to move around and now two days of more snow.

Emily said...

You're in Pigsbird & nobody knows how to drive in snow??? What IS this? Or maybe the powers-that-be don't do a great clean-up job? I'm sort of amazed, really.

Yet, it's true, there are occasional people whose arrogance won't bow to died a few years back near here when he tried to drive around a mountain road in a blizzard & an avalanche fell on him...but I thought they were OCCASIONAL.

Goober time makes up for everything.