Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Big girl, in the house.

The big girl bed was delivered today.

Between us, the husbeast and I had gotten the bedding (I really wish I'd been there to see him buy a pink and lavender comforter, covered in hearts, flowers, and butterflies). She's in there now, asleep. I keep remembering when we switched her from her crib to her mini bed, and how I didn't get a full night's sleep for two months, and I hope this goes more smoothly.

We didn't get anything more than a bed frame, because we hope to get her a bedroom suite once we buy a house and we have some idea how big her new bed room will be, and other useful stuff. Plus we don't want to move any more than we have to. Plus, if we stall another year or so, we can get her a loft bed with a desk underneath to give her some space in her room.


In other Goob News, well, she's being raised by smartasses. Which means she's got a lovely repertoire of go-to phrases, when she wants to get sarcastic, herself. Today, that got her sent to her room. She was highly irritated by it, and at one point shouted "CURSE YOU, MOM AND DAD!"

Then she got REALLY enraged when she heard us laughing our heads off.


I did some spinning the other day, and hope to finish up the orange-to-pink color blending experiment by this weekend, so I can start on the steampunk yarn once the watch parts get here. I'm also putting together a swap package for a friend in the UK. So things are gradually improving. I think I may be able to breathe soon. That would be nice.


Barbara said...

Eh, as a scuba diver I can tell you that the whole breathing thing is overrated. Glad you're back in the land of the living.

Big girl bed! Wasn't she just a baby yesterday?

Galad said...

Beautiful big girl bed - hopefully she'll love it.

Walden said...

It makes her looks so little.
Glad you are feeling a bit better.
Can't wait to see the spinning.

Louiz said...

Amazing bed covers! and yeah, breathing is good.

kris said...

Bed & big girl are adorable.

If you're worried about her falling out, I have two suggestions:
1. you can buy bed rails that fasten to the side (usually there are sticky-outie parts that slide under the mattress). Not intrusive, but easy peace of mind.

2. I've known many folks who plop the mattress on the floor for the first couple of weeks until the kiddo gets used to the size & shape. That way if she does fall, it's not nearly as far.

Donna Lee said...

Breathing is good. Very good. I like the pink quilt. My girls seem to be allergic to pink. Unless it's Hello Kitty.

Roxie said...

Somehow, I think the husbeast probably selected and purchased the comforter with grace and aplomb. Life with you and the Goober should have taught him perspective.


Roz said...

Great post! Glad you're feeling better.

Emily said...

"Then she got REALLY enraged when she heard us laughing our heads off...."

Oh, I laughed so hard.

The bed looks pretty close to the floor as it is. I put my kids' crib mattresses (we skipped the youth bed) on the floor next to the new beds; they each fell out & landed on them once & once only. Kids learn very fast.

Yes, I'm crossing my fingers, toes, & eyes for your breathing.

Alwen said...

Our kid laughed when I read this to him. I can so hear him saying something similar.

We built the kid's loft bed from plans we bought here:
We also bought their hardware kit, and I roped my dad into cutting lumber for me. It's super-sturdy. My 200 lb. brother can climb the end, and it doesn't rock or shake even if he tries to rattle it.

(But I confess I was half-awake for several nights worrying he'd fall out - he never has!)

Amy Lane said...

Spinning, home decorating, breathing... wow-- you really ARE getting back into the land of the living! *sniff* She looks so happy. What a little girl!

Kathy said...

As for the loft bed, my son has had one for a very long time, and it really gives him a lot more room. His isn't super high (maybe 4.5 feet) although he *did* fall out of it once. I heard the thump, ran to his room, and found him, still fast asleep, on the floor. Didn't even phase him, though it scared me to death. Kids are pretty resilient at this age. The Goober will be fine :o).