Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Aussies, we have a situation.

So I'm wandering through Target today, killing time before my prescription is filled. (That's another story, I'll put it at the end so you can skip it if you want.) There, on an end-cap, something caught my eye. It was the words. But the packaging wasn't quite right.

They're not made by Arnott's. They're made by Pepperidge Farm (a reasonably large corporate bakery here, like Keebler or NABISCO). So I pick up the package, and there it is, "Australia's favorite cookie!" on the front. See it? And I muttered to myself, "If it's Australia's favorite cookie, why don't we just fucking import it like normal people?" and got a startled look from a lady walking past.

Of course I bought them. I brought them home and read the packaging closely. Near as I can tell, the Tim-Tams were made in Australia, shipped here, and packaged by Pepperidge Farms. "Produce of Australia - Tim Tam used under license". They look and taste (I'm chewing one now) just like the ones I've gotten in care packages from Australia. I don't know what to think. Well, yeah, I'm thinking, why didn't we just import the damn things? Why the re-packaging?

I have e-mailed the company to ask why they're confusing Tim-Tam lovers with this new package. It's just dumb. Further notices as events warrant. (The Goober is on her third Tim-Tam.)


The Goob and I went to the doctor today. She's fine, just congestion and a head cold. I have nearly-pneumonia again. So I'm back on another round of the drugs I took at Christmas, when I had near-pneumonia then. My response was kind of like "Huh. I didn't think I felt that bad."

It started snowing again an hour ago, and they're predicting another foot of snow. We're in pretty good shape here - our building is on the same part of the electrical grid as the schools, a nursing home, and the hospital, so we're high priority by default. But there are a lot of other people, gonna have a hard time tonight. And the back streets still haven't been dug out from last weekend's snowblitz. (Before I got distracted by Tim-Tams at the store, I was planning to do a series of blog posts about foods that make life worth living in a blizzard. I'll probably keep on with that plan, now that I've ranted over faux-domestic cookies.)

It's gonna be interesting. Brace for further weirdness.


amy said...

But what you're telling me is that I can easily find authentic Tim-Tams here? I may be simple, but that makes me happy.

Husband rescheduled his trip, since he was flying to Pitt, connecting through Baltimore, and it actually makes Southwest happier if he'll stay home. But now that just ups the travel total in March. It's like energy in the universe. The travel never really goes away.

kate said...

We ended up with some extremely interesting blizzard food at my house last weekend: homemade chicken liver pate, and this Moroccan chicken-and-raisins-and-phyllo-and-spices dish that is insanely good.

I think blueberry muffins may be on the list for this next snowdump.

Alwen said...

I heard about those! Drat, now I can't remember where I read that Pepperidge Farm was going to have them. They were supposed to be at Tarzhay, but I saw them in one of the local groceries.

Rooie said...

I think the P.F. Tim-Tams are only a limited edition, so get 'em while they got 'em. I bought a box was (sorry, Australia) was rather underwhelmed.

If the Goober gets too bored, go to my blog and watch the little video I posted today...cutest thing ever. There are some very clever people out there.

I'm wondering if I might have near-pneumonia, too. I have a cough that sounds like the Living Dead have taken up residence in my chest. Guess my doctor will let me know Friday when I see her.

Anonymous said...

see that's just dumb. I would have thought that like many of us, the thrill is in part the fact that it's imported.

It's like say, parmesan cheese. I can buy locally made parmesan which is just fine, or I can get a kick out of buying authentic, imported Italian parmesan. Easy to see which is more fun.

emy said...

I know! In Singapore, we only get the stock-standard Tim Tams from Australia but whenever they have the limited editions, we just simply miss them. :(

Roxie said...

I'll be in Oz next month. Guess I'll have to try the real things.

Isn't it comforting to live in a high-priority grid?

Rose Red said...

I suppose they repackaged them because in Australia they are called BISCUITS not cookies, and they probably thought Americans might not understand what they are...sigh.

Like Roxie, I'm not actually a huge fan. I'll eat them, don't get me wrong, but they are not this Australian's favourite biscuit. But glad you can buy them!

Donna Lee said...

I saw the tim tams in the grocery store. I have to say, I'm not a fan. I know, that makes me part of the minority. I like a good oreo (double stuffed) best of all.

This snow is getting old. I don't mind days off of work but not when they're unplanned and interfere with what I need to do. And tomorrow we'll probably be here again.....

Robin said...

I used to like living next to someone on oxygen --- got my electric back faster! Don't forget the mac & cheese in your food bit. Like the snow - would like it better if I could get out of my driveway. Feel better!

Amy Lane said...

Dude, I wouldn't look a gift cookie in the mouth! (But I might put one in my mouth--I'll look for those on my next trip to la Targay!

RobynR said...

Firstly I have to admit I wasn't impressed with the Tim Tams . . . until I tried the tea straw trick. Holy Yum Batman!

Here's my theory on the repackaging- Likely cheaper to ship in bulk and when they get them here, rather that slapping a Nutritional Guide sticker over the Australian version with a list of ingredients in "American", they just package them in printed to order packs. *nods* That's what I think.