Thursday, February 25, 2010

The day in photos.

If possible, I feel worse than yesterday (yay), so we're stuck with a lame photo montage of almost nothing fiber related.

I played Civ IV and drank a shitload of tea. (Mostly decaf. The last day I drank all caffeine tea I made myself sick.)

Off to the right are my glasses, watch parts, and an inhaler. I'd say that neatly summarizes my life at the moment, all in one small photo.

I played magnetic dressup dolls with the Goob.

I'd gotten her some refrigerator magnets of Hello Kitty and some clothes, where you stuck clothes and hats on Hello Kitty and the Goober thought it was TOTALLY cool, so I got her this set of dolls and magnetic clothes from Melissa and Doug. It's been eight hours she's been playing with them, straight, so I'm calling it a win. Of course she's already lost one of the shoes. I'm trying not to think about it.

I spun about two yards of wool.

Maybe. At most. I treadled for about five minutes and started wheezing.

I made some chicken stock.

No idea what in hell I intend to do with it, but I roasted a chicken a couple days ago and my grandmothers would both come back to haunt me if I just THREW AWAY the carcass.

And I admired the watch parts that came in the mail, plotting just what to do with them.

There's another bag the same size/weight. I'm thinking I need to save a few and make earrings.

Now I'm gonna go strain chicken stock, rub my sorry torso with Vicks VapoRub, and pass out.

Thanks to everyone for bearing with me while I turn the blog into a piss-and-moan about how shitty I feel. (Boy, do I feel shitty.)


Anonymous said...

Take it easy, and I hope the chicken soup helps. I really hope you start feeling better soon. So all I can say is invade some poor souls in Civ IV and annhilate them.

In fact, I may do that mayself right now...

amy said...

Those watch parts are really, really cool. Where does one order watch guts?

I hope you feel better soon. Being sick sucks, and trying to amuse a child while sick sucks even worse.

Olivia said...

I second Amy's question: I suddenly need to have some of those watch parts for myself! They are so appealing.

Take care of yourself. I hope the sickness goes away really soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, does one get Vicks Vaporub that side of the planet?
Also, _why_ would one order watch parts? (Forgive my ignorance)

Louiz said...

Those are very cool watch parts, and hope you feel better soon.

Donna Lee said...

I made a pot of soup out of a carcass because the idea of throwing it away causes me to feel ill. I love homemade chicken soup. And I have grandmother ghosts, too. Not so much my mother. She hated to cook and would throw out a carcass without a single thought.

The watch parts are so cool. Are they going on the yarn you are currently spinning?

Cynder said...

Ok where did you get the gears? I need some!

Roxie said...

Even your whine-and-piss-a-thons are interesting. Hooray for chicken soup and video games.

Barbara said...

Yeah, what Roxie said. But you need to feel better soon. Are you putting a little red pepper in your chicken soup like I told you to? Even an 1/8 tsp. in a big vat of soup helps get the snot moving. And if you can stand it, chopped spinach ups the iron in the soup and I swear that helps too. Or you start to rust, take your pick.

Can't wait to see the yarn with the gears, although I can't imagine wearing a garment with them in/on it.

Rooie said...

Hope you're feeling better soonest. And yum for the chicken soup.

But oh...paper dolls! I loved paper dolls when I was a kid...had folders and folders of them. McCall's used to have a Betsy McCall paper doll in the back of every issue...I think I had years worth! She was always beautifully dressed in McCalls patterns. I even had old paper dolls that had been my mom's when she was little.

But oh, those little paper tabs! Magnetic clothes would have been the bee's knees.

makinika said...

Hey, if you don't know what to do with the chicken stock, freeze it into ice cubes. When they're frozen, toss them into a freezer zippy. Then, when you want to saute/cook/boil something with a chicken flavor, toss a few stock cubes in.

They're great for sauteing onions or making gravy or even making chicken soup later on.

Amy Lane said...

"Now I'm gonna go strain chicken stock, rub my sorry torso with Vicks VapoRub, and pass out."

Be careful, sweetie-- some men consider that foreplay, and it sounds like you just AIN'T in the mood!

Feel better!

Emily said...

Oh, whine away; you make it an interesting read, magically...talent, I guess.

I think you managed a productive day, all things considered...soup, not-paper dolls with the Goob, spinning...far, far better than I'd have managed! Feel better.

Alwen said...

We freeze chicken bones, etc. until there's enough to make stock, and the DH makes soup. Yesterday he made stock & I made dumplings. Yum.