Saturday, November 21, 2009

Great moments in knitting history.

Today was not one of them.

As I've said before, I think everything is a cycle, a balancing of scales. So while I sometimes have awesomely good days, well. The flip side of that is days like today.

See this?

I've finished the lice portion of the body of Lustkofe En, and am working upward toward the shoulders (about five inches to go). Did the triangles yesterday, did the oxos today. You'd think after twenty-odd years of knitting, I could do some damn oxos, but NO. Establish pattern row? HAH. The first round is knit 3 black, knit 1 cream, so basically you have to establish pattern row AGAIN, on the second round of the pattern. And because of the big steek in the front center, the only way to be absolutely sure it's centered right is to knit and see. So I got about 3/4 of the way around the first pattern round, realized I'd screwed it up, and had to tink back 200 stitches. Then, the second round, I DID IT AGAIN. Three hours to knit two fricking rows. I don't care if they're about 300 stitches each, that's ridiculous.


And this?

This is Skehmet, sleeping on my lap. It makes typing a little tricky. If I wake her up by moving her paw, she bites me.



And since all of you enjoyed the last photos of the Goob, here she is again.

She's not doing much of anything; I don't think she feels well today. But that's what she was doing when I took the knitting photo, so there you go.


Roxie said...

There is a great deal to be said for lying on the carpet and staring at the ceiling. Go, Goober! Good job!

300 stitches knit, tinked and re-knit - twice. Two handfulls of hair are ripped and tossed. Knit it solid and duplicate stitch the damn design!

Amy Lane said...

Well, the Goob at rest is about all we're going to get... the Goob in motion is mostly a blur!

I caught you on Twitter while you were doing this... all I could say then was "I'm soooooo sorry..."

(Spamword: unpoomit Don't know why, it's just funny.)

Emily said...

Yeah, I know it feels like cheating to duplicate-stitch it...or it would to me, being the hard-ass I am...but the last time I knit something really complicated like that, I realized afterwards that duplicate stitching would have made the end result less fiddly.

And Goob pics are always wonderful. Does she know how famous she is?

Donna Lee said...

I'm sorry you had this trouble but I must say, it's heartening to hear that you can have problems, too. You make such beautiful things and make them look effortless. As I struggle with improving my knitting and learning new skills, it gave me a chuckle (sorry) to read this.