Friday, November 06, 2009

Comment on comments.

Everyone had corset tales to tell and thoughts to share. I will agree that corsets agree with some women more than others - otherwise the human race would have died out between 1840 and 1920, at least the 'westernized upper class women' portion of the human race. But if you think about it a little bit, those of you who do wear corsets now, don't wear them ALL THE TIME. Lifetime corset-wearing (many women wore them to bed at night, and girls were put into corsets at a young age, puberty at the latest) causes a lot of wicked muscle atrophy that you don't get from occasional or even daily-for-a-while wear.

I found some more photos that may illustrate the problem a little more clearly.

I don't really have anything against corsets as they're worn by most people today - an occasional undergarment or fashion accessory. If I dressed up more, I'd consider getting something made, myself. As they were worn a hundred years ago? Well, I think they were dangerous most of the time. Personally, I haven't worn panty hose since 2001.

For those of you wondering if I'm going to do every decade of the 20th century, well... yeah. Probably. At least up through the 1980s. But it's not going to be fast. I don't want to fry people out on information overload. This will just be the current program of 'what to blog when I don't have anything to blog' topics. Though I'm also considering a post on Dutch Elm Disease. You just never know around here.


Have discovered that I am roughly 330 yards (as the crow flies) from our apartment to the local public library. It's a good bit longer by road, because you have to go around a ravine and a buncha woods. Major squee. Haven't had time to check out the knitting section yet; when I got there the other night they were closing early for an event and I only had ten minutes to apply for a library card, run through the fiction section grabbing books, and then check out. Saturday may be the day.


I hope to get my Etsy shop back up and running sometime in the next week or two. I've got some things dyed, mostly sock yarn and merino top. There's some hand spun, and I'll probably sell what I'm working on now. I need to sell it, to fund a trip to Natural Stitches.


The Goober is doing well. The move was barely a blip for her, and her only complaint so far is that 'this place doesn't have Grandma and Grandpa'. She loves her new room (very large), and is having fun exploring the new routines.


Anonymous said...

I have a naturally hourglass figure, but that last photo hurts to look at. OW OW OW!

Donna Lee said...

I have a feeling that people who choose to wear corsets (and the operative word is choose) today are not pulling them quite as tight. I keep remembering that scend in Gone with the Wind where Mammy is pulling the ties for Scarlett's corset to get it down to 18 inches. It makes me cringe

And strangely, my verification word is "lardiste"

Roxie said...

In order to get those tiny waists, you really do have to train into it. There was a great CSI show about finding a male corpse with a wasp waist. He was into disciplinary corseting, and was bringing in his waist measurement by an inch a year.

NAd my verification word is Manch. Like mench, only singular.

Deana said...

...Can I file a request on the 1940s fashions?

(Todays word of the day: Pordl. "Poodle" in Pittsburghese... Pigsbirdese)

Amy Lane said...

Ulgh... the whole idea makes me shiver. I know the fashions of the late 1700'ds were just as barbaric, and the idea of inverting your internal organs for fashion (or suffering lead poisoning for the same reason) makes me just nauseous.