Saturday, November 28, 2009


Not a lot going on today. I started writing several seriously geeky blog posts (stone age, Phillips head screws, biology...) and ran out of steam on all of them. So I put on my headphones and did some spinning while the husbeast and the Goober watched a Spongebob Squarepants marathon. If I've gotta spend the entire winter in a 700 square foot apartment with two kids and Spongebob marathons, I fear for my sanity by spring.

Tomorrow I'm tempted to make them watch documentaries all day.

After Friday's snow (SNOW!), things warmed up and the husbeast and Goober actually went to the park this afternoon for a while to blow off steam. (I stayed home with the TV off.) The Goob came home soaked to the knees, telling me in detail about all the puddles she jumped in, so she's fine with the whole snow idea. On Friday she kept saying she wanted to make a snowman, and we had to keep explaining that there wasn't enough snow and it was the wrong kind (too wet). So then she got horribly disappointed when it quit snowing. Looks like she'll have a fine time this winter. It's me and the husbeast who are stocking up on fleece-lined jeans. (I'm also wondering if I can get away with pausing the Christmas knitting to whip up a plain vanilla sweater for me.)

Otherwise, it's been a quiet holiday weekend so far. I'm hoping it continues this way.

Anyone got suggestions for geek topics, since I can seem to decide on one?


Louiz said...

Wracking my brains for a geeky topic and all I can think of is the way sheep fleeces developed through human intervention from falling off naturally to needing to be sheared annually.

We have a sick household, and I sympathise with you re spongebob. We have Peppa Pig and Sooty (I hated sooty the dog when I was a child, as an adult it's even more inane and patronising) Documentaries are always good!

Donna Lee said...

I'd put the headphones on and spin too! I don't know any kids who don't like snow. The Goober sounds like kid after my own heart, I love a good puddle. If you jump in them just right, you don't get wet-everyone else does.

amy said...

Yeah, snow and cold is going to be shocking to you after all this time, isn't it? I definitely layer. We haven't even had cold weather and I'm chilly all the time. I wear thermal tops under everything, and wool socks are the best. Oh, and Lands End is great for kids' boots. Mama boots, too, if you hit the overstocks section just right after Christmas!

Roxie said...

Geeky topic? How about the one we love to hate - acrylic yarn.

700 SQ feet with husbeast, Sekhmet and Goober? I got shacknasty in 700 sq feet with three cats and no other humans. This may be why God has allowed WIFI at the library. You CAN get away from them without freezing to death.

Mandy said...

You have my complete sympathy over the SpongeBob! (I bought earplugs so I could study in peace, and sometimes even wear them at the library).

It makes me glad I refuse to pay for cable - I don't have to deal with SpongeBob, but my kid stays up late on Sunday nights to watch Nova instead (you would have enjoyed the explanation he gave me in the car on the way to the library a few weeks ago for why humans have two different kinds of lice - head lice and "pubical" lice - and how the pubical lice resemble gorilla lice more than head lice).

Amy Lane said...

Word origins, sweets--there are some AWESOME word origin stories out there--and you're just the geek to find them!

Go Goober--and you can knit her some serious mittens & hats, too!

Barbara said...

Mandy, I would love to have been in your car for the "pubical" lice discussion. I miss kids, those little sponges soaking up so much info so fast.

Yay for puddles for the Goob, and yay for the Husbeast for finding them for her. I taught my nephew to float leaves in snowmelt and we got nice and wet. Aunts are good for messy play.

I'd like something plant-y for geek topics. How about what makes hot peppers hot?