Monday, November 02, 2009

Blogtoberfest: The round up.

This is, of course, late. But I've been without internet access for two days. I am thrilled to report there was no drooling or twitching or other withdrawal symptoms... though I started a new knitting project AND a new spinning project.

Obviously, I didn't post every day in October, which was the goal. Though I pretty much knew I wouldn't make it when I joined up; I knew I'd be moving at the end of the month and that it would get really chaotic. It did motivate me to blog more, though, and that's what I wanted. And what I got. So I'm calling it a success.

Any new readers I picked up, welcome!


I've got no other news. The bed won't be delivered until tomorrow, and I'm sleeping on a camp cot at the moment, so, well, I'm gonna have aches and pains from hell until the cot goes bye-bye (I wanna burn that damn thing). But my feet feel a little better - we've got lino and carpet over solid cement here, so I've taken to wearing shoes inside again. I don't like it, but it works.

Sekhmet has mostly chilled out about the move. She's secure enough to lay in the middle of the floor, and doesn't follow me around meowing for hours at a time, any more (thank the gods). But if she wakes me up one more night at three AM, she may wind up living in a closet.

As I said, I ditched the carbon fiber (for, what, the third time) and am now spinning up some of my own hand-dyed merino. I'd intended to sell the fiber as-is, but my favorite thing is spinning variegated, goofy-dyed merino top, and there it was, and I needed something new and happy.

And now, I go unpack another box.


Nalamienea said...

You may call me crazy but I miss moving. I've moved pretty much ever 2-3 years for the majority of my life (on average) and now that I've been in one place for 4 years it feels odd. At the same time, I like where I am but it's like I'm craving something new! :)

Roxie said...

A friend of mine, a Navy wife, wrote a great poem about, "Because we did not move this year,/ I found all the measuring spoons and cups/ and made Christmas cookies for the first time ever." and went on about the holiday ball that she no longer needs to attend "Same dress, new faces." and the joy of planting something that won't bloom for two years, "Because we did not move this year. And will not move next year. And need not move again until we choose."

I know you're not there yet, but soon - soon!

Blessings on the bed. May it cuddle you to sleep.

Alwen said...

Ouch, camp cots! When the child was born, I sometimes fell asleep after nursing on our loveseat. It was fine for a short nap, but painful for longer sleeping.

Emily said...

Lino & carpet over concrete, ouch ouch ouch.

Pictures of the Goob at Halloween? Or did you manage to keep the info from her? (Unlikely. My daughter once called it "the most important holiday of the year". Meaning it outranked Christmas & her birthday.)

Amy Lane said...

*woot* You're spinning and unpacking. Baby, you're home!