Sunday, November 08, 2009

Actual fiber content!

Yes, I've been doing stuff, other than writing fashion posts and looking at cool photos of antique clothes. I also ransacked the library today for textile books, that was kind of fun. (Review of a book on Japanese design concepts probably coming up, once my brain quits running out my ears.)

Lustkofe En is chugging along. I try to do at least one repeat of lice per day, preferably two:

I stuck my hand in there for scale... it's a pretty big sweater to be knitting on size threes, but we knew I was insane. You can see I've steeked for the arm holes and am within a few inches of a third steek for the neck. Depending on how the finishing goes (if I decide to do the fancy, traditional embroidered neck facing), it's very likely I'll have this one done by Christmas.

The second one, not so much.


The spinning is, well, spinning along. I got two bobbins done, brooding over just what to do with this stuff since it wasn't coming out how I wanted.

Well, I figured, if it's already not what I want, I might as well experiment.

Plying to commence tomorrow morning (barring disasters). I'm sure I'll have an opinion on beaded yarns by the time I'm done with this. (I intend to ply the beads into the yarn and wind up with a two-ply.)

The husbeast was watching me string beads on the singles, and began asking if the beads would fit through the orifice and if they'd snag on the flyer hooks. I told him they'd fit fine and if they snagged I'd just unsnag them.

Judging from the look I got, he thinks I'm insane, but I find it hard to believe that is a new thing.

I think now I'm gonna go knit. The sooner this is done, the sooner I can knit something with COLORS.


Mandy said...

I think we knew intellectually that you were insane, but seeing that sweater just brings it home in a visceral sort of way! You are far more ambitious than I.

I love the beads with the merino - even if it didn't come out the way you wanted, it is going to turn out really cool! The last time I did beaded yarn, I strung them on silk thread and plied the single with that (plus, I did seed beads, because I didn't want to worry about them not fitting through the orifice or snagging on the hooks so much). It actually came out really pretty, so I know yours will too! If you want to see a pic, it is in my Rav stash here:

Louiz said...

interested in seeing how the beads come out. And wow on the sweater!

Roxie said...

The sweater rocks! And I bet the husbeast will be dazzled by your skill and finesse. Looks like gorgeous yarn!

Donna Lee said...

I strung seed beads on thread to ply with some singles but had trouble with the beads getting tangles. I think the thread was too thin. I'm going to think on it and try again.

Amy Lane said...

OOOOH...purty colored green...

And yeah. You are insane--but you're our kind of crazy, so it's all good...