Friday, June 19, 2009

Reality check.

(Still working on zero. It's taking a spot of research. Those wacky Mayans.)

A run down of current projects. Thinking of what all I've got to do between now and next year gives me heartburn, but I still have to face it. Like move twice, get through the husbeast finding another job, do the Christmas knitting, break down the shop and then put it back up again... yeah. Good times.


I'm still working on the lavender cardi-thingie.

It's from the top down, so you can see the shoulders and the back of the neck. I'm knitting down the fronts now, and will - maybe today - join the whole thing up at the under arms. Once I'm down below boob level I'm shifting from stockinette to ribbing, to hopefully emphasize the waist I used to have before I gained ten pounds in the last week on this new damn medication.

Still spinning Purple Trainwreck.

I'm up to about 900 yards, and am a little over halfway through the massive pile of fiber. I think. This was a good idea; it has helped me decide a lot of questions I had about how to spin The Bells Fiber. (The pound of Purple Trainwreck was done entirely as a practice session, before I dye and spin a pound of glorious wool sent too me from Australia by Bells.) Still don't know what in hell I'm doing with this stuff. I'm wavering between trying to sell it in the shop, and knitting a Tomten Jacket for the Goob. Though if I wind up with enough yardage, I'll probably chuck both ideas and knit myself something.

What I'd really like to do is ditch it all and spin this:

Which in terms of the color wheel is the exact opposite of Purple Trainwreck. It was supposed to be pastel, inspired by lemonade. But of course I screwed up the intensity of the dye solution, so I'm calling this "Menolade" which is the Goober's not-quite-right word for lemonade.

I uploaded the silk/merino blend that I spun to the shop, finally.

I like how the silk makes it shiny enough that the copper color of the penny is reflected. As usual, I hope no one buys it. I also am dyeing fiber for the shop - Purple Trainwreck and Mermaid Tail - and hope no one buys the Mermaid Tail. 'Cause I need more fiber. (Ha.)

The other day, the Goober decided to 'wook at books'. So she did.

I swear I did not doctor this photo in anyway. She really did drag out all her books and wind up in the middle of a giant puddle of them. This is one of those fine "I can't be screwing up too badly" moments of parenthood. A lot of days you wonder (or at least I do), but if the kid spends an hour looking at books, well, something's going right.

Maybe now I'll go wook at books myself. Gotta straighten out those Mayans.


Roxie said...

OK, so the weight gain is probably water retention, right? The "trainwreck" is kick-ass gorgeous, and the "Menolade" looks JUST like summer! It's going to be a treat to see it spun up, too.

And a kid that wants to sit and look at books for an hour is a gold star on your report!

WikiBobo said...

I "wook at books" the same way! Good job with the Goob.

Love the Menolade... Will you be selling the spun version after the move?

Donna Lee said...

The melonade looks like a fun spin. My purple trainwreck is in the process of becoming Spring Forward socks (knitty spring 2008). Mine has far less white in it than yours and the colors are gorgeous. I don't know how many yards I have (I want one of those yard counter thingies for christmas) but it's 138 g of light fingering weight so there's a lot of yardage.

Galad said...

The Menolade will be stunning and summery.

I love seeing a child surrounded by books. You are doing more than a few things right :-)

Louiz said...

The trainwreck looks fantastic, and the menolade is very summery looking. I love seeing kids enjoying books.

Louiz said...

oh and I meant to say, have you seen today's astropic? ancient chinese star chart. thought you might be interested.

walterknitty said...

Hope you get the med situation worked out soon. Doesnt sound like it's any fun at all.

Emily said...

The silver silk/merino makes me salivate. Oh, yum.

The Goob seems to be turning out just fine.

Shoveling Ferret said...

Yay! Wooking at books is wonderful! And the yarns are turning up gorgeous.

Alwen said...

Nothing like sitting in a U-shaped pile of books, *sigh*.

Unless it's being able to TAKE A SHOWER after chainsawing trees out of the yard.

Amy Lane said...

The trainwreck and the menolade... between the two of them, I'm just fiber-happy! And I have to go now because I haven't seen my own kids for five days and the Goober 'wooking at books' has me all verklempt....