Monday, June 15, 2009

Bah, humfuck.

Was gonna do a freaky topic post today about number theory, but a migraine kicked in and I'm not doing base sixty while unable to see. I was also thinking about doing atomic theory, but ditto explaining electron clouds when I can't see.

So. What's going on?

The Goob and Sekhmet are playing peacefully. It's freaking me out.

The husbeast got the engine in his truck AND the transmission hooked to it. He's doing the Snoopy Dance.

I'm still spinning Purple Trainwreck and knitting the Little Purple Cardi. There is other fiber in the house and I'm starting to really want to spin it up. Especially the yellow; that's the opposite of purple. I'm kinda tired of looking at purple.

The quote for the day is not a quote, it is a new word:

Wookee: verb. To make a piece of machinery fit by wrestling it around with brute strength.


Alwen said...

I have no idea how to transliterate the Wookee cry, but "Waaaaaoooooorrrrrahhh!"

artificiallymythic said...

I second that.

Roxie said...

Wish there were pictures of the husbeast dancing. Curse that migraine!

Verification word: stroga
Want more stroga?
No. I got stroga nuff.

Anonymous said...

LOl Roxie.

I thought Wookie was a huge hairy thing in Star Wars.


Galad said...

Hope the migraine lets up soon. I was really looking forward to that number theory.

Leonie said...

Ditto with the Star Wars reference! Migraine be gone (great name for a new medication-if only such a thing existed), she hath suffered enough!

Amy Lane said...

Sorry about the migraine thing--MUST be heat and humidity. But I do have to thank you! I'm adding 'Wookee' to my lexicon immediately!