Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A day of photos.

'Cause I still got nothin'. Spin, knit, work on stealth project, puke stomach acid, repeat. Not very exciting. (Yes, still fucking around with the medication. Another doc appointment Thursday. Goodie. I'm thrilled.)

So at six thirty this morning, I was awakened by the Little Girl Voice saying "Mumma. I can't find the pig."

For those who were wondering, yes, yesterday's quote of the day revolved around a Little People goat. She's got at least a hundred Little People animals (I get carried away), and the Goober will separate little groups of them and play with one group exclusively for a couple days, then change. Sometimes it's birds. Sometimes it's jungle animals. Lately, it's been farm animals.

They were having a dance when nap time hit, so the Goob left them on the dance floor. Looks like they were having a conga line. From the little brown cow in the upper left, clockwise, we've got a cow, turkey, sheep, goat, pig, cow, and in the middle a horse . She found the pig down the side of the couch after an hour's search this morning.

Since then, Sekhmet has taken up residence on the couch, on the Goober's blankie, next to her gorilla. Tee hee.

Sekhmet's sleeping next to a gorilla. Teeheehee.

I've knit up about one ball of the lavender cotton. I'm following the pattern (really), but I decided recently to get serious about fitting clothes to myself, so I added some slope to the shoulders (a couple short rows), and scooped out the back of the neck so that once I add an inch or so of ribbing it'll ride perfectly.

I'm knitting it top down, and Wendy Bernard is doing a fine job of explaining how in hell I'm to do that. Such a good job, in fact, I'm able to fool around with the unfamiliar pattern and scoop and short row and make it work.

While I was taking photos I stuck the gauge swatch in the window to try to get a more accurate color sample.

That looks about right on my computer.

Otherwise, I'm still spinning during nap time (whoopee), and I divided up a pound of merino for dye and sale, hopefully soon.

The husbeast and I are finally realizing WE MOVE IN SIX WEEKS and are starting to freak out a little. My advance planning for moves is hit-or-miss; usually I'm in denial about moving and so do almost nothing. But last time we moved (from Honolulu to Charleston) I took the denial a little too far (I was in class while the house got packed up) and the move was a DISASTER. So this time I'm trying to be a grown up and do all the obvious stuff: make lists, throw out or give away stuff we don't need to take with us (we're doing all right on that one), and start boxing up things we intend to take ourselves and not have taken by the movers. We have to keep the weight under a thousand-odd pounds or pay for it ourselves. Between the husbeast's spare-parts collection and tools, and my books, plus the new appliances, well, I'm not optimistic about making the weight restriction. Oh yeah. This is gonna be fun. And just think! This time I get to work around a three-year-old as well as do all the move bullshit!

I think I need to go spin some more yarn.


walterknitty said...

Having made a huge cross country move, I have a lot of empathy for you. Especially with a 3 year old. When we moved to Oregon we filled a large Ryder truck up to the top. It's not the easiest thing to decide what to get rid of and what to keep. I had to keep telling myself that the Goodwill is my friend. The GW is my friend.

Anonymous said...

Awww, good luck with the move stuff! Wish I could help in some way, but since I'm several states away...

Although if you're moving to my area in Ohio, I'll give you a nice housewarming party. :3

Amy Lane said...

getacYikes-- Oh gods... the thought of moving my crapnasty refrigerator ANYWHERE gives me the shudders... I'll be sending nerve-healing vibes your way!

Emily said...

Where are you moving TO???

MLJ1954 said...

If you have some extra cash (LOL), I highly recommend an organization called unpackme . . . http://www.unpackme.com/ . . . I do relocation for a major (like one of the biggest in the world) and this company can help with discard and donate. As difficult as getting organized is, you will save mega bucks by getting rid of stuff before the move . . . but you already know that!

Alwen said...

Wah. Hoo. There's a reason that M word has four letters.

Ooh, I have to share this dress with you:


Roxie said...

I clear things out to pack and move, and the night before the move happens, I discover the stash of cottge cheese cartons I had forgotten about in the back of the bottom cupboard. Right next to the box of fiber art books that I had forgotten I owned . . . I tend to unintentionally hide surprises for myself.