Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's real.

We've known this day was coming for eighteen years. This last posting in Charleston, I've been counting the days. But the retirement, the fact that we are at long last moving out of here, finally felt real today.

Because I bought boxes.

Funnily enough, back in the day, I worked for a box company (corrugated containers, in the biz). I was an accounting clerk, nothing exciting. I paid the bills. But being me, I couldn't help but learn how things worked. You know, the Zen Of Boxes. Since then, I've become a box snob. At least when I'm paying for them.

Commercial box places charge unholy amounts - three to five bucks per box. Which is just ridiculous. So I did a quick internet search, located someone in the area who was manufacturing boxes, and bingo. A buck a box. That's what I'm talkin' about.

I went to Coastal Corrugated, and let me tell you, if you need boxes and are in the area, they're who you want. No minimum purchase (some manufacturing places make you buy in lots of twenty-five or fifty), and the boxes are really well made. I'll spare all of you the discussion of what makes a good box, but these folks pay attention to detail, and your boxes will be nice and square and hold up well.


I've been selling handspun yarn (big news flash), and, well, I average about seventy-five cents an hour in pay. Mostly I spin for relaxation, so making money at it is kind of like doing physical therapy that pays for itself. But there's this new benefit that I hadn't expected.

Remember Frog in a Blender? It's getting knit into a cowl, with little froggy flippery things around the bottom edge.

Love. It.

The Summer Dusk silk and wool blend was knit into a glorious scarf and given as a gift.

I am thrilled that my work has been turned into something so wonderful. Look at that!! BEADS! YOW!

And I just heard from the person who bought the indigo silk and wool blend telling me it arrived safely. That yarn is also earmarked for something special.

What a lovely thing, my work being turned into so many beautiful things.


And the Goob?

She knows something's going on, and she's ready to rock. She's especially excited about the boxes, and informed me tonight they need colored with crayons.


Barbara said...

Of course the boxes need coloring. Sheesh, did you think they were supposed to stay brown? Silly mother.

Congrats on finding quality boxes to move with. There's nothing like a decent box. I appreciate a well made utility item.

Mandy said...

That scarf truly is glorious, and you should feel great about having a hand in it. But the Goob is the most beautiful work you've done to date.

Louiz said...

The froggy cowl is gorgeous. As is the scarf.

And boxes exist to be sat in, coloured, covered in stickers, and finally jumped all over until they are flat, surely?

Anonymous said...

Do you have a move date set yet?

Maybe mark it on a calander and count down the days for the Goob. I am sure she'll try to help pack as soon as she realizes that you are going to the in-laws for a while.


Donna Lee said...

I love the idea of your work being part of someone else's work. The scarf is glorious (those beads are perfect). And I would totally color the boxes. Kitchen drawings for kitchen stuff, bedroom drawings (pillows and things, she's only a kid!) and the like. What a fun way to involve the Goober.

amy said...

Oh, yes, we last moved when Vaughan was 2. He helped "label" all the boxes. ;)

I think it's so cool the folks who bought your yarn are sending you photos of what they're doing with it.

Roxie said...

As it turns out, I am weaving with the yarn I spun from the camo roving. It's SUCH nice stuff! The cowel, and the scarf are both stunning! Look what you have done!

How goes the stealth project?

Will you show us what the Goober draws on the boxes? Please?

Anonymous said...

That is truly a gorgeous scarf. Did the knitter mention a pattern? Good luck with the move - I'll be following you into boxland in the next few weeks.