Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bugger it.

Gave up on the circle cardigan again. I finally got it to a point where I could try it on... and I don't like how it fits.

When the Goober's a little bigger I'll finish it for her. At the rate she's growing, give it another year or two.

In the mean time?

I'm still trying to stick with the 'finish stuff' theme this year. This is an intense, saturated lavender cotton yarn I've had for at least five years. I'm going to knit it into "Cameo" by Wendy Bernard. I can try it on as I knit it, so I don't wind up with another fiasco like the one I just threw back into The Pit. So long as I finish the damn thing (to wear this summer, but we've heard that before), it's definitely part of the 'year of finishing' because using up stash was one of the goals.

While I'm at it, I'm going to finish the gauge swatch for the Christmas sweaters. Remember them? The ones I wanted to have at least one of finished by this time of year? The one I bought seven pounds of yarn from Australia to knit? Hahahaha. Yeah. Those. Well, step one is a swatch. Maybe I could finish THAT.


Amy Lane said...

I'm just jonesing on that color... looks like crap-balls on me personally, but it's one of my favorites!

Roxie said...

That circle cardigan may have been upside down. Did you try swapping armholes to see if it fit better?

Sweater swatches - start at the very beginning - avery good place to start.

Bells said...

Oh I would love to see the Bendigo knit up into something. I'll enjoy watching that a lot. I just swatched for a cardigan in the new Bendigo luxury. mmmmm....

Donna Lee said...

I love Wendy's patterns. She is so clear and gives so many directions and suggestions on how to make it yours. It's perfect for someone like me, a new-ish knitter who needs someone to hold her hand a little. That purple color is gorgeous