Saturday, June 06, 2009

A lovely day.

I spent most of it spinning. I'm thrilled to report there is, finally, a visible dent in the massive pile of Purple Trainwreck lurking in my office.

Unfortunately, the wads I pulled off are just in other containers, not spun up yet. So there's still a whole lotta spinning to be done - I just moved the wool around a bit.

I started plying. It's still visibly uneven. I'm chalking it up to migraine drugs and pretending I did it on purpose. (Aren't I clever?)

More wool arrives Monday. Bwahahahaha.


The husbeast got some new parts and he and the Goober repaired to the garage this afternoon to torque down something or other.

The Goober also checked out the tool box. Here she tells me where the wrenches are:

And here she says "oooo, gadgets".

All in all it has been a slow, at-home, boring day. Just the kind of day I love.


Alwen said...

It looks beautiful to me.

I lost a chunk of yesterday to a migraine. Stupid migraines. I'm still not sure whether the house I went to smelled that bad or if it was pre-migraine sensitivity.

Roxie said...

The aliens are hammering us with these experimental rays. "What happens when we hit them with this one? Ahh, the smartest women get blinding headaches. If only they weren't so tough, this would make a splendid weapon. Without the smartest women, their civilization would collapse!"

When the trainwreck is spun up. please put all the yarn back in the big bin so we can see how big it is then. I love this practice of showoing the bin full of roving. And you spin for a day, and the bin is still full of roving. And you spin five more hours, and the bin is STILL full of roving! Of course, if this were the only roving you could have all year, you would be dismayed at how fast it's going away.

Roz said...

"Oooh, gadgets!"

I think I'll steal that comment for a fictional conversation. So delightful!

Amy Lane said...

Perfect day--and that color is SO awesome!