Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Four days.

That's how long I've been huddled in my office, drugged to the gills and trying to spin off a migraine. I think the walking motion needed to treadle the wheel makes me feel like I'm walking, and therefore moving and making progress, getting things done. Of course that's NOT what it really means, but in a way it makes me feel better. The illusion of forward motion.

Plus it produces yarn, which can't be dismissed in terms of making me feel better.

122 yards of Purple Trainwreck, treadled out in four blurry days of madness. Trying to figure out how to knit up all those colors without it looking like a circus. (On the other hand... it's me. I could probably wear a circus. Let us be honest amongst ourselves.)

The only drawback? It wavers rather drastically between almost-laceweight to heavy sport/almost-worsted.

Not my best work ever; I'm really glad I don't plan to sell this stuff. But I did snip off a couple samples to help keep myself on track for further spinning.

Otherwise, I got nothin'. My head hurts, the Goober is singing to the cat, and the one bright spot, one of my Beloved Readers bought the Frog in a Blender.

I love my blog readers.


Allison said...

So you produced some of that nice thick/thin that almost every yarn company sells at one time or another. Now you just need to find (or design) the right pattern for it.

As for the circus? I love those colors.

Also sending anti-migraine vibes in your direction. Hope you feel better soonest.

Amy Lane said...

Ouch... *hugs* Maybe take a nap w/the Goober today--cold compresses and a neck message... (but the purple trainwreck is REALLY pretty!)

spamword: drops

Galad said...

I really like the colors in the Purple Train Wreck. I'm sure you can find a pattern to make something wonderful out of it.

Hope the migraine leaves soon!

Donna Lee said...

My purple trainwreck is fingering weight and Kate wants socks. I'm not sure how sturdy it would be unless I reinforce the toes and heels.

I hope the weather clears up and the headaches go away. I don't know how you spin with a migraine. I don't think I could manage that.

Louiz said...

I'm impressed you manage to produce anything with a migraine, let alone anything that beautiful.

Emily said...

I'm with Louiz. You are awesome. But I think I'd prefer no migraine & therefore a tad less awesomeness (as, no doubt, would you).

Roxie said...

If you were to sell that purple trainwreck, how much would you ask for it?

Your mind is too big for your brain. No wonder it hurts all the time.

Alwen said...

Gah. My sympathies. When I get a migraine it's all I can do to lay still and try not to vomit my skin inside out.

I love yarn like that. Plymouth used to make an Encore yarn where each ply changed color - I looooved that.

Roz said...

Goober singing to Sekhmet? That should put a smile on everyone's face!

Sorry for your pain. I don't get migraines, so I can only imagine how horrible that must be. If spinning alleviates the agony, then go for it!