Saturday, March 11, 2006

Insane? Me? What makes you think so?

The ten kajillion projects I've got lined up, that are all on deadline, that I keep adding to? The fact that I just purchased yarn for three other projects and am considering buying yarn for a fourth? (Whole-sweaters-with-arms projects, not this fooling around scarf stuff.) Plus I'm eyeing several other ideas. And let's not forget that Turoe deal I've got rolled up on my kitchen table, waiting for me to get motivated with the colored pencils again.

Totally freakin' nuts. I knew the Knitting Olympics would go to my head. A tank top in two weeks and suddenly I think I'm a knitting machine.

And then. THEN. I started thinking about Project Spectrum and thinking I could kind of coordinate ideas with that. With color on the brain, I went to the book store today, and bought another book on color theory ("Color" by Betty Edwards). You watch. By next week I won't be able to get dressed, I'll just stand there going "Pink with bluejeans... that will emphasize the inherent grayness underlying true indigo dye. Is that truly what I'm going for, with a pink shirt? Or should I wear mauve?"

There was another book, though, that I think is going to get me even more into the whole color deal: "Color" by Victoria Finlay (Not to be confused with "Color" by Betty Edwards. Someone needs to have a chat with whoever comes up with titles in New York). It's the HISTORY of color, or rather of our reproduction of color. Why purple murex dye was so expensive, why really bright colors had to wait for modern chemistry, all that. It's separated into chapter by color and is very fun reading. It's my beach book for next week.

A quick chocolate update: While at the book store, I was going to pick up a small box of those Platinum Godivas I was talking about a while back. I almost bought them, but I realized it was eight dollars for a box of four little bonbons. That's two bucks each. Ahahahahahaha. No chocolate's that good. I don't care what the critics say. So no Godiva Platinums for me. I'll stick to the double chocolate cheesecake. And caffeine. Gotta have caffeine.

So, let's recount the projects I want to finish by the end of March, shall we? Just for entertainment's sake:

The Kid Kimono. Definitely getting done, it's about 1/3 finished.

Blue alpaca scarf. Not even started, but it's a scarf. Come on. I love scarves, but I love them for their sheer simplicity. This is the kind of stuff I like to take to the movies and knit in the dark.

Quickie purple doily. Yes, knit. It's small, I once knit this pattern in twelve hours. We'll see.

And then, then..... the Thneed. I'm thinking wall hanging for the kid's room as a final use. No truffula trees will be harmed in the knitting of The Thneed. I got yarn the other day, and I'm hoping this is an afternoon's quick knitting on size tens, but how often does the course of true knitting run smooth? (Check out the Thneed yarn. That's probably not going to be a fun knit; I hate fuzzy yarns.)

Plus I kind of need to knit a sweater for my next Knitty article, and that's due April 15. No yarn for that yet, but my mother-in-law's talking about going yarn shopping next week, so I should be able to cure that pretty quickly. Caffeine, anyone?

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