Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm a dumbass.

I've got hand problems agravated by a small child. I have told other people a MILLION TIMES that if they've got hand problems, to watch out when knitting heavy yarns on big needles because it can get painful. I have WRITTEN ARTICLES SAYING THAT. So what do I do?

Knit a bigass wrap on size ten needles with big fat nasty yarn. I'm changing my name to Stoopid.

I've faced that I'm going to have to do that in small doses, and so have begun the child's sweater that I bought the Luna from Elann for. The yarn's half rayon, therefore pretty light, and thin to begin with. (Five and a half stitches to the inch on size seven needles.)The linen stitch I'm using is kinda funky, but I'm getting in the groove and it's starting to go faster. I'm starting to worry about the Fashion Police, though... I'm putting raglan seams in a kimono knockoff. (HEY. It's more flattering!)

Goals for March: put a dent in the Bigass Wrap, complete the Kid Kimono, and make a scarf for a friend. My in-laws are visiting for the month and will want to spend time with the baby, thereby freeing me up and making this faintly possible. We'll see.

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