Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Home at last, home at last.

Back from Myrtle Beach again, and I must say I won't be missing it any time soon (though it was very nice to spend time with the in-laws, which is the reason we were there, so I shouldn't complain). The drive was absolutely horrendous, and it's easy to spot who is a tourist - they follow the traffic laws.

I considered a prolonged list of driving dos and don'ts, because you would not BELIEVE the driving here, but it IS a knitting blog, so I got a grip on myself. (Okay, okay. One tip. It is rude to drive down the highway right freaking next to someone in the other lane for miles and miles and miles, because NO ONE CAN GET AROUND YOU.)

I got photos of the beach at Myrtle and took some color notes (I had a yarn sample card with me, but the colors weren't right. WHY ARE THE COLORS NEVER RIGHT?) and I will be designing a sweater based on the hotels along the shore, hopefully by the end of the summer. In cotton, of course, but it'll be light cotton, at a fine gauge. No complaining.

The Damn Doily and the Watery Llama scarf are donedonedone (yipee!) and in little gift bags in Myrtle, to go home with my in-laws who will thoughtfully deliver them for me. One deadline met. The Kid Kimono SHOULD be going in the mail today but instead of finishing it, I got going on the Tax Sweater and knit like a zombie all day yesterday, so hopefully it will be in the mail tomorrow or Thursday (I've even got the mailing envelope ready to go - so organized. I don't know who has taken over my body). All I've got left to knit is the Thneed and I'll have met all my goals for March. Which blows my mind, because my goals for March were nuts.

(Just looked at the calendar, counted days, and realized the Thneed might not get done. Oops.)

Patterns for the Kid Kimono and the Watery Llama scarf will be forthcoming when the one is finished and I have photos of the other. (We're having Download The Camera issues again.)

Absolutely zero has been done on The Business Idea, but I've got a couple books. Maybe I should read them.

Tip for the day: Don't knit cotton for four hours straight (like I did yesterday) or your fingers will hurt. Duh.

Now starting on purple rayon I-cord.

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