Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yarn and germs.

A photo essay by Yours Truly.

First the yarn. This is Schachenmayr "Catania" and I love it love it love it, except the nice peach color is (of course) discontinued. And it knits at about six stitches to the inch, and I'm using this for the Tax Sweater (due April 15), so that sound you hear is me, shooting myself in the foot. Again.

Next is the brown variegated, to re-knit the wrap that I recently pulled off the needles and ditched. This is allowing me to incorporate an idea involving some well-placed buttonholes and/or frogs, but who knows when I'll get to it.

This is a combination of rayon (the yellow) and cotton chenille (the blue/green) that I'm swatching with, for who knows how long, starting who knows when, for a Christmas present.

However. There is a bright side. Sorta.

The Kid Kimono is reaching an end. It still needs the sleeves sewn shut and a bazillion ends darned in, but the knitting is over. OVER! See that cute little kind-of-Mandarin collar? Totally by accident, but I feel so smart and clever when I look at it. It's almost, but not quite, really This Red, but I took the photo under incandescent (yellow) light, so it looks sorta wonky. That background is supposed to be white, for refrence. (We won't discuss my photography skills. It's humiliating. I thought I'd be all smart and put down a white background, and blew it with the lighting. At least it's almost not blurry. This time.)

And then the llama spit out:

That's right, the watery llama scarf is coming along. The photo doesn't capture the color (again), but you can see the stitch pattern pretty well. And it's reversible. Reversible scarves always make me happy. I'm knitting up about two balls of yarn a day on it, and it averages about a foot of scarf per ball, so if I get hot, I can have this done. Not so sure about the rumored doily, though.

Then, to round out a lovely day, we got germs in the mail. From the left, we have the Common Cold Rhinovirus, Beer Yeast, Martian Bacteria, and a Mad Cow Prion.

No average toys for my baby. No siree. Although she's already giving me that Teen Look. You know. The one that says "I'm really starting to worry about you, Mom."


The Queen-a Athena said...

Hi Julie. This is Miri. Thank you for the sweater.


Catie said...

I think that we might be getting the athlete's foot, the common cold and one other one. These things are hilarious! You seem to have my sense of humor, to some degree. I'm drugged too - though right now I think my problem is lack of sleep (again)