Monday, March 06, 2006

Shoes and knitting.

What more need be said?

I spent the weekend in Myrtle Beach, with my in-laws, who will be staying there a month. There is an outlet mall in Myrtle Beach. We spent one day shopping, and one day knitting. (Or at least I did.) Life doesn't get much better than this.

We went to the Vans outlet and got the baby a pair of pink checkerboard slip-ons, so that she is properly stylish. Then we went to the Carter's outlet and went a little wild on small pink things for the baby to wear. They should quit making baby clothing so cute, because then we have to BUY IT ALL. Anyway, after that we poked around and I am delighted to report that I will be near a Sketchers store when the tax return gets here. I am swooning with joy.

After that, I knit. (The red and purple kimono-thingie for my friend's kid.) I had company in my knitting, because I taught my mother-in-law to knit a year or so ago. She's currently working on a vest for herself in Nature Spun Worsted. Having learned from me, she's re-working the pattern to fit the gauge, instead of vice-versa. I'm so proud.

New hare-brained idea: Trying to figure out how to cable-knit a sheepshank knot for a sweater for the husbeast.

Turoe status: Still coloring. The husbeast, after looking at the original grid (130x180 squares fit into a space about seven by ten inches), has admitted that a larger grid would make things MUCH easier to read. But he still thinks I'm insane.

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