Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still alive.

Just not much to report. I spent the weekend cleaning. My in-laws arrived last night, and we're hanging around the house today. Tomorrow the husbeast is taking off work and we'll be hauling the Goober to the water park.

Remember the package that Bells sent me from Australia? From her, to her brother-in-law, to my in-laws, to me?

IT CONTAINS OVER A POUND OF THE MOST GLORIOUS MERINO ROVING EVER. I will be dyeing it something fairly sane (I think salmon/coral) spinning it, and knitting a zen sweater for MEMEMEMEMEME.

Plus she sent the Goober a Wiggles outfit. And some really nice tea -- Bushell's? Is that a fancy tea, or your version of Lipton's? Anybody?

Oh, and a pack of Tim-Tams. I ate some for breafast. Arnott's may be the source of all evil on this planet.


Catie said...

good to know you are alive. what is a wiggles outfit?

m1k1 said...

Gemma was asking on her blog today (http://generallygemma.typepad.com/)
what makes a blog interesting. I like the way we can find out about the connection between you and Bells, without it seeming like stalking at all!
Bushells IS tea, if you're of a certain age and Australian. For me, not so much with the TimTam adoration, but give me a packet of Arnott's Gaiety, and you won't see me (or them) for dust.
My girls were grown before the Wiggles made their debut, but I was always glad to know that 4 men with degrees in Childhood Education, could make it Big in entertainment for Littles.

Bells said...

Oh yeah bushells is just like the most Australian tea you can drink. It only occcured to me a while back though when someone said to me that they can't stomach anything fancier. I thought, well, you should try some. I got some for me, too, at the same time and quite enjoyed it!

Jacquie said...

TimTams are a girls necessity.We love them, ALOT. I prefer coffee but Bushells is part of our landscape - its always been there.They used to have cards inside with pictures of parrots, everyones nanna had them.Part of visiting the grandparents was playing with them. Yay for the Wiggles, I bet you do a mean wiggly dance!

Amy Lane said...

Okay--that whole Australian hook-up is sooooo cool... (And I'm with m1k1--I always loved the fact that four men who met getting their degrees in childhood education could go so far!)

Anonymous said...

The Aussie hubby has confirmed that Bushells is the beloved brand of Australia. I stay away from timtams. They are sooo good dipped in tea, the chocolate melts off but the inside is all chocolaty and oooh they are good.

Bells said...

do you have any tim tams left? If you do, I have a suggestion for you and a cup of tea.

Roxie said...

I just Loooove the human connectedness of this all. Goodwill to persons you have never seen, and trust in total strangers. Surprise! The world is NOT totally f***ked!