Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hex Jacket Info.

I seem to be forgetting a heck of a lot around here... I'm gonna blame it on being tired. (It can't possibly be due to losing my mind.) Several people have tried to find the hex jacket on Ravelry... unfortunately, it's not really named that. I suck.


Pattern page for Russian Coat, on Ravelry, here. (This jacket is about as Russian as I am, hence calling it the hex jacket.)

MY Russian Coat page on Ravelry, here.

Right now I'm spinning, in an attempt to quit knitting long enough to regain the feeling in my fingers. Somehow I doubt it's gonna work.


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Roxie said...

Since I am one of the three knitters left in the world who have not yet become Raveled, I do hope you will eventually show us a photo of the finished jacket. The skirt sounds fascinating. And the overdye should be wonderfully effective.