Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The internet; it's a strange place.

Particularly when you mix in real life.

For those of you who read Bells' blog, remember about two weeks ago, when she talked about how her brother-in-law is working near where I grew up? And my in-laws still live there? Well.

Last night they all went out to dinner. In Ohio. While I sat in South Carolina, and Bells sat in Canberra, wishing we were there. Apparently they all had a fine time. Bells' brother-in-law passed off some packages to my in-laws, who will be driving down here in a week (a week? A WEEK! HOLY FUCK! CODE RED! Wait. No. Two weeks. Still. AAAAH!) Then I shall send some things back, and the next time Bells' brother-in-law is in Ohio, they will pass MY packages along to him, and he'll take them home to Bells.

As far as I can see, the only thing that sucks about all this is, I REALLY WANNA MEET BELLS.

Kinda funny, how small the world is.

Oh. And Sekhmet, you fucker.


Bells said...

he eh. I've been sitting here at work this morning thinking over how very cool all this is. We're kinda like 2 degrees closer now or something, right?

I keep having to remind myself that he didn't meet you, but he met people who are connected to you!

If he moves to the US, we'll be visiting, that's for sure!

Bells said...

oh and sekhmet obviously knows the good stuff!

Anonymous said...

I always call my peeps on the Internet my imaginary friends, because you are here but not really.

The best part is when I get to met them. Then they aren't imaginary anymore;-).


Amy Lane said...

I call you all e-buddies. And you're right--it's very odd. And I want to meet Bells too!

Donna Lee said...

This is the cool part of the internet and it more than balances out the bad stuff. How cool and that your people were having dinner with Bells' people (or person).

Alwen said...

And now between your post, and Bells' post, I've got the Disney "It's a small world after allll" going through my head!

Cats completely believe that they are the color of whatever they are on.