Sunday, June 29, 2008

So. Knitting.

I finished the bodice of the hex jacket. There was some tweaking done with the cuffs; thanks to Ravelry, I knew that the sleeves, as the pattern is written, were too long. So I tried something... other. If it works, I'll make sure to put the directions in my Ravelry description. (Basically, instead of the I module at the cuff, I knit a G module in garter stitch. This makes sense if you know the pattern. Honest.)

While the in-laws were here, I worked on this. My father-in-law doesn't really 'get' knitting, in terms of how it works, but he did get it when I shrieked in annoyance that I'd knit a module in the wrong place. I unraveled it and did it again, and he asked "Did you plug it into the right place, this time?" Good to know I'm entertaining.

Now I need to darn in the ends, overdye the bodice (I'll document that process, it should be total insanity) and finish the skirt portion. The bodice needs blocked to within an inch of its life to smooth out the hexagons. I fear an iron may be involved. For clothing, I rarely get out the blocking boards and pins, but this is going to be one of those occasions. Thankfully, the skirt portion should block with minimal fuss.

The skirt (I've got a photo of it in progress, but I'm too damn tired to download it from the bloody camera) is knit like one of the hexagons of the bodice, only much, much, MUCH larger, with one wedge/triangle of the hex missing. The directions for it start with 'cast on 412 stitches', to give you an idea. I've been knitting like a fiend for days, and have decreased down to about 210 stitches, but it's slow going, decreasing ten stitches every third row. It is EATING yarn; it's already sucked up about 300 yards. My fingers went numb earlier today, and I've decided, to hell with it, I'll keep knitting. Babying my hand doesn't seem to do a damn bit of good (at least in terms of knitting; it does help to not smack it into door frames and like that) so I'm gonna knit what I want.

Otherwise, we're all still exhausted. Sekhmet's been asleep for three days (yet another photo I'm too tired to get off the camera), the Goober is laying next to me in a Zen state, watching Blue's Clues, and the husbeast is out in the living room, swearing at a car race on TV.

The Goob has asked to go back to the park. We will never, ever, in a million years get out of there without another half-hour run through the water section.

I want another nap.


m1k1 said...

This is such an intriguing garment. I can't find it on Ravelry, so will have to wait till you've finished to see how it all comes together.
Good work

Amy Lane said...

Ah, the bliss of knitting zen during times like those!!! I need to go back to ravelry...I'm suffering deep shame for neglecting my ravelrey for, like, two months.... And the jacket? Darling, everything you do screams 'genius!'