Thursday, June 19, 2008


This thing is practically knitting itself. (It is the hexagonal jacket, #5, from the Vogue Knitting 2007 holiday issue.) All the stitches are picked up off previous hexagons, so there are only three seams in the whole damn jacket. (Underarms and joining bodice and skirt.) The yarn is way too freaking bright and will be getting a dunk in more blue dye, soon as the bodice is done. Eight more bits to knit on, none of them full hexagons.

And this?

This is my totally brilliant child saying "Dere a twiandl mittin inda mittew, Mumma." [There's a triangle missing in the middle, mumma.]

For those of you who asked what she did to be declared a poo head yesterday, well, she's two. Isn't that reason enough?


Anonymous said...

Well actually it's much better when you tell us why she's a poo head. I'm sure its cathartic for you and pretty funny for us ;-)


Amy Lane said...

As the mother of another brilliant poo head--I totally get it.

Alwen said...

Right around that age, mine watched me tatting and told me, "You're making holes!"

Before you know it, she'll be 8-going-on-9 and telling you how brilliant she is.

She's such a cute little poo head!

historicstitcher said...

I think she's gonna be brilliant.

Watch out for when she's a teenager!

Roxie said...

She's two and recognizes triangles? Thank God her parents are as smart as they are or the rest of the world would be in jeoprady. Directing that intelligence to be used for good is your most important task, now.

Louiz said...

Yep. My poo head has decided that she can "do it by my own" this week. Which has led to some interesting discussions about the nature of ownership, fluff and birds... oh, and snails