Monday, December 05, 2011


Well, I spent last night and today fooling around and I can still knit. I mean, knit for more than ten minutes at a time.

It's got to be very small gauge; small and light. I assume that's because it's lighter in weight and the actual motions themselves are smaller. Even Cascade 220 is too heavy at this point. But sock yarn is working.

With luck I'll get drugged up next week so I can finish this KAL before you guys start sending me felted wool and broken knitting needles in the mail.

This also means the Christmas knitting is dead in the water. Luckily it was just a couple felted bags; I can work around that. But this will be the first year with NO knitted gifts in a long time.

Maybe if I drug up successfully I can knit a hat or two.

Keep your fingers crossed for Toradol. It would make a great Christmas gift.


I keep forgetting to mention... remember the deer?

Up the road, we've got an archer. He's got a little range set up in a field; most of the year, he uses one of those modified hay bale targets. But for the month or so leading up to deer hunting season, he uses a deer target. It's an actual fake deer, stuffed with something to make it shootable.

About a month ago, the deer target got the attention of a real deer. Real deer gored the hell out of the target, tore it up, and probably peed on the pieces.

These are the same deer that like to lay around in my back yard.

Lately I'm worrying less about the freaking bear in the area.


debsnm said...

Imma be so jealous if you get Toradol!! OTH I might try for a script myself.

Galad said...

Keeping fingers crossed on the pain meds. Much relieved to hear you can at least knit with sock yarn!

Donna Lee said...

We have a neighbor with deer targets too. So far the other deer seem to leave them alone. Today is not a good day for joints with or without meds. Cold and damp.

Sandra M. Siebert said...

Have you tried fiddling with your diet to see if certain foods aggravate your pain? Turmeric is a good herbal anti-inflammatory. I mix it with a bit of honey (because straight turmeric is really bitter) and take a teaspoon or so three times a day when my should flares.

Emily said...

Ooooh, deer. I've hit two with my car. The first was a dead-on hit at 50 mph, which I know because I was nearing a 40 mph speed limit village. That deer just materialized about 6 feet in front of my car, antlers & everything; all I had time to do was try not to lose control of the car. That deer was dead instantly. as was my car. Later I learned how I could have died.

The next deer was hit a glancing blow that left a fringe of fur over one headlight, like false eyelashes.

And they eat everything. including things they supposedly don't eat...thorns, you name it.

We have a bear here, too, but I think he (or she) keeps out of the way. The deer don't care. They just look at us as we drive by.

Sock yarn for Xmas ornaments! Why not? Make lemonade here.....

Emily again said...

I'm trying that turmeric idea...

Roxie said...

The deadliest animals in North America are deer. They are involved in more human fatalities than bears, rattlesnakes, bees or any other critter.

sock yarn Christmas ornaments - yes!!

Alwen said...

A buck gored one of the dogs we had before Ajax and Truffles, so yeah, I'm fond of deer. In the form of venison.

Amy Lane said...

0.0 -- okay, first of all, I wish daily for your pain to go the fuck away. YOu know that, right? If I had any superpower at all, you would have no pain.

Second of all-- maybe they knew why he was using that deer... and didn't like it. I would imagine they absorbed your fiery intelligence just from sleeping on your property.