Thursday, December 15, 2011

Free shawl pattern!

A free shawl pattern, for Christmas. For those bloggers who've hung in this year through the chaos.

It's very simple. In fact, here's the pattern right here:



Cast on five stitches. Knit back.
*Slip one, knit one, yarn over, knit to end.*
Repeat the directions between the asterisks above.
When you're nearly out of yarn, cast off loosely.

This specific shawl uses two Crazy Zauberballs and measures approximately four feet across the top edge. It was knit on size five needles.


There ya go. I've got Scribus fired up and am putting this in a (likely one page) PDF file, so I can upload it to Ravelry.

For those wondering, here's the washcloth pattern:


CO 5 sts. K back.
Sl1, K1, YO, K to end.
Repeat, working until you've used up half your yarn. Then,
SL1, K1, YO, K2tog, K to last 5 sts, K2tog, K to end.
Repeat until you're down to 5 sts, bind off.



Anonymous said...

I wish I knew anyone who wore shawls. That is beautiful.


Katie K said...
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Katie K said...

It looks like a pie wedge of the rings of Saturn. Thanks!

BTW, that legislation which you recently warned us about allowing the federal government to imprison Americans indefinitely without charges or trial looks likely to be passed today and signed into law by Obama. I've written to my Senators imploring them not to vote for it. Here's a link about the law:

Roxie said...

The crazy Zauerball yarn sure makes statement!!

Amy Lane said...

the simple really does it for me sometimes... and I love watching you play with the Zaurballs. There is a Gaea shawl you can make with one or two skeins of Noro that I REALLY love... you'd probably like it too...

Gauss said...

Hi Julie,

I know you said you might not be doing the Vogue reviews anymore, and I understand, but I thought of you when I read this piece of crap: by somebody who really liked the latest issue. The writer even used words like avant-garde and was in love with the pillows and knitted ottoman cover. Wow. High fashion indeed!

Anyway, I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!

Amy Lane said...

I like doing the rectangular shawl like that... I'm silly stupid for easy knitting magic.