Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The hits!

From Christmas. 'Cause we had a great holiday. (So great I've been sleeping like DAMN.)

We spent two days in Ohio with the in-laws, visiting with hub's bro, SIL, and kids. I gave one of the kids a Glow Dome from Crayola. They're pretty cool; it's a clear dome with little LEDs along the edges, that make whatever you color into the globe, glow.
The Goob and her eldest cousin bickered, bitched, and fought over it like siblings. Then we came home and I gave the Goob one of her very own. There was much shouting and dancing.

Then there is the Spot It! card game. I really wanna tell youse with kids about this one, because it is amazing.
It's one of those rare games you can explain in a minute or less, and it's as fun for adults and children. Each person gets a card, then they try to be the fist to match things from your card, to the central card being flipped over. We played two rounds in about five minutes, before dinner tonight. I think the Goobie laughed the whole time Also, affordable for birthday gifts and stuff. Whee!

For me, the husbeast got the entire Girl Genius book collection. I was psyched.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you already know. But, when we did this last move, my ball winder disappeared. Still know exactly where my swift is, but no idea on the winder. So for the last year and a half, two years, every time I had to wind a ball of yarn BY HAND, I'd Tweet "Anyone seen my ball winder?" So guess what I got for Christmas? I'd post a pic, but it's a plain old blue and white Royal ball winder. I've already used it.

Hubby also got me a set of Signature needles, but accidentally ordered the wrong size. They're in the mail for a return, but I'm still saying YAYAYAYAYAY! I think I'm gonna love them. (Size 1 DPNs, 7" long, for socks.)

Oh, and I have a new lap desk.
Ha, kidding. It's a really old lap desk.


amy said...

I played the online demo of the spot it game and boy am I awful at it...

jeanfromcornwall said...

Love the lap desk, where can I get one?

Nrthwoods Knitter said...

Totally jealous of yoru signature needles. Please let us know how you like them, I'm wanting excuses to splurge on myself. C-

Roxie said...

Love the Crayola Glow dome! Lucky Goober.

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

the girl genius books look fun! Gonna go google them. I'm always looking for intelligent and fun girl-inspired gifts for nieces. :)

Emily said...

Excellent gifts! Excellent holiday! And you SLEPT!

Happy New Year! I get to babysit my grandsweetie.

Alwen said...

We got the Girl Genius books for last Christmas and the only down side was fighting to get the next book.

Mine mine mine mine!

ellen in indy said...

belated holiday (all of them) greetings from scruffy, sekhmet's evil boy-twin in indiana, and his human.
scruffy isn't doing the lap-desk gig. he's more into lap-warming.

have a great year!

Amy Lane said...

I've got a lap desk like that, but I keep it's malfunctioning because it just gives me quickies in the bathroom! And that dome thing is DA BOMB! love it!