Sunday, December 04, 2011


And sad. And kind of worried.
This is how far I've gotten on my annual winter socks from scratch. I haven't knit anything.

I really can't make a fist with my hand. Given a minute or so, I can carefully assemble my fingers in a ball, but it takes concentration and care. Not what you'd call a fist.

We're still screwing with my medication, but I'm starting to worry if it never gets fixed.

Yesterday, I went and bought this:
Iridescent tinsel. Even it's not enough to get me spinning. (Though, if at all possible, I am spinning this into lace weight and knitting SOMETHING crazy with it.)

How about something happier? Yes. Let's do happier.

We got the Christmas tree put up. The Goob did most of it. It's her thing.
She's been sick (the sore-throat-and-sniffles deal, nothing major), which just adds to the whole event.

First thing when the tree went up, the Goob asked "Are we going to use my star?" Years ago, when she was maybe two, the Christmas tree topper got broken. I don't even remember what it was. I had the Goober color some paper with crayons and a glitter pen, then rigged up a star with tape and cardboard.
It has survived to top the tree another year. The Goobie gets a big charge out of it, so I'm trying to figure out a way to laminate it, or something, to keep it indefinitely. But for now, it's safe at the top of the tree.

Maybe I'll drug up and see if I can knit. Or spin. Or bake. Or something. Painting my nails as my only creative outlet just isn't cutting it. (Pain doc appointment next week.)


amy said...

Now you've got me thinking on creative outlets that don't require the use of your hand. I'll let you know if I come up with anything.

Laminating the star should work. Or contact paper, if you don't trust the kids at Staples with it.

David said...
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David said...

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Emily said...

I hope the time between now & that doctor's appointment passes quickly, and that it will be a wonderfully productive appointment.

Yes, laminate the star!

Barbara said...

Scary hand news. I'll send healing vibes.

Nice tree, cute Goob, excellent star. You do have to preserve it.

Corlis said...

You ought to read up on how to preserve and store the star other than lamination. In the realm of family history preservation, lamination and 'magnetic' photo albums are horrible methods of preservation because of the damage to the paper during the process. might have links to different archiving websites.

Hope your hand is better by the time you read this.

Mandy said...

We top our tree every year with a star that I made for my dad in about 1973, out of white/red drinking straws and black yarn. That was the year we found out he was diabetic when he wrecked his car because of his blood sugar. I made the star for him because he had to spend Christmas in the hospital, and he put it on top of his little tree every year for the rest of his life. When he passed about 2 years after I got married, I started putting it on our tree, and it has been our topper now for 22 years. Now my son loves to pull it out of the box and see it on the tree. I hope Goobie still has her star when she has kids!

Roxie said...

So it's Dec. 23rd, the elves are talking about striking for better working conditions, the reindeer all have dysentery, Mrs. Claus is on the rag, and a little angel shows up at Santa's door with a honking big tree and says, "Here's your Christmas tree, Santa. That'll be $499.50 COD. Where shall I put it?"

And that's why we have a little angel on the top of our Christmas tree today.

Alwen said...

My mom still puts up construction paper ornaments I made as a kid, 40-something years later, and all she ever did to preserve them was put them in a box.

Amy Lane said...

Aw... a Goobie star. (We had an argument one year, as to whether that thing on top of the tree was an Arwyn Star or a Patrick Star:-)