Friday, June 18, 2010

Sekhmet, you fucker.

It's not enough the cat is an evil bitch who bites the hand that feeds her and sheds with great deliberation on my knitting. Oh, no. Now she is exerting psychic control over my child AND MAKING THE KID IMITATE HER.

First the Goober started purring. She was making this exhale out through her lips and I asked her what that noise was for. She said "I'm making the happy noise, like Sekhmet does."


And then. THEN. Last night I turned around and saw this.

After I snapped the photo, the Goober crawled away, MEOWING.

Remember that part about the cat biting me? Yeah. Cat wants to lay on me all day, but if anyone tries to pet her, she starts nipping. Unless you're the Goober. If you're the Goober, you can DRESS HER UP.

Earlier the scarf had been tied around the cat's neck, and Sekhmet was sitting tall and proud, with her ears at a rakish angle like she thought she was Ameliea Earhart. I was afraid the cat would choke - she'd let the Goober tie that scarf on her pretty tight - so I took the scarf off before I thought to take a picture.



Dinosaur camp was over today. We'd been advised to put the kids in clothes we didn't mind getting dirty today, because it was Dig Day. (I put her in 'dirty clothes' all week, because, hello, it's camp. Monday she had glue on her glasses and in her hair. As it should be.) So today all the kids dug up bones. The Goobie found a stegosaurus toe. (Well, a fiberglass cast of one; still pretty cool. I should get a photo of that.

All in all, it was a very successful week, though it would have been more fun for me if I hadn't had a low-grade migraine for most of it. We'll definitely do the camp program again, either later this summer, or if those are all booked (very likely), next summer for sure. Well-staffed, securely run, nice people, happy kids. Plus a summer camp run through a museum is pretty self-selecting; you're gonna wind up with a bunch of smart people raising smart kids who otherwise have their act together.

My friend in Hawaii had sent another care package for the Goober after I told her about the success of the dress-up Hello Kitty in the last care package. (If you don't remember, this was the care package addressed to "Julie _____ and family of zombie killers at ____".) The new care package contained more clothes for Hello Kitty. Including a bear costume that the kid INSISTS smells like strawberries. (It doesn't, because I'd have broken out in hives by now; I'm allergic.)

That's how the Goober spent the rest of the day.

I knit and did laundry.


Roxie said...

As long as the kid doesn't start to bite you and shed with great deliberation on your knitting, I'd say you're ok.

I want to go to dinosaur camp. I can see them in their flounced knickers, tap dancing and singing songs from all the musicals. Oh - not that kind of camp?

(My verification word is cheatio - the breakfast of loosers.)

Zee said...

Out of lurking to say that I enjoy your Sekhmet posts. Your cat has personality, even if kind of twisted. ;)

Your Goober is adorable! I miss mine at that age.

JelliDonut said...

Sekhmet should probably lay off the potato chips and beer. Or is that all fur? Be careful--cats are mind readers.

NJ said...

I'm glad the cat doesn't bite goober. Especially with a name like goober...what were you thinking. :)

Walden said...

As I read, I thought you were going to say she started biting you!

I think the dinosaur camp sounds wonderful. I love that you encourage her to get dirty, after all that is usually where the real fun is.

Roz said...

Fun fun fun -- are you worried that Sekhmet and the Goob are going to plot to take over the household? :-D

I wanna go to dino camp!

We need a knitting photo!

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

I love that it was JelliDonut telling Sekhmet to lay off junk food! hehehe

Love these posts!

Alwen said...

I used to cross my paws, I mean hands, like a dog we had when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

we have two cats. One of them peeked over the edge of the tub and watched our son's birth. He is pretty friendly anyway, but seems to like Bobby the most out of our pets. The other cat is like Sekhmet and hisses at everyone except me and the baby.

Amy Lane said...

AWESOME fun at your place-- the cat? Is evil. yes. And she's all part of your daughter's eclectic training to be the Girl in the Pink Dress. You should be damned proud!

Leonie said...

The cogs you are working on spinning into yarn came to mind when I saw this ( this morning....

Louiz said...

Dino camp sounds like it was wonderful fun for the Goober. Wish we had something like that round here.