Sunday, June 06, 2010

Notes from all over.

I know I was trying to be better about blogging and all. I hit a wall this week with my medication. Loooong story. But it sucked. Felt like crap for three or four days, but I mostly slept it off last night and today and am doing way better now. (No, really!)

First, to clear up some confusion, the micrometer and stand from the last post aren't pink. Though it'd be hilarious if it was. I've been experimenting with camera settings again, and obviously got the wrong one for that. They're really gray. Maybe the electron microscope will be pink. Or the particle accelerator. Or the tebuchet.


So, when I was feeling human, I would knit on the zombie project. It's getting bigger.

I was kind of worried that it would wind up too small for a short shawl/wrap sort of thing (I was shooting for elbow length) but it's looking good. I've got this much yarn left,

plus an entire second ball. Now I just have to invent some kind of beaded edging for it, that doesn't have a start or stop point. I'm stealing a method from Mario Fortuny and putting beads on the edge to make it drape.


You know those people who say 'internet friends' aren't real friends? Well, they're full of it. In the middle of the worst of my pain and medication woe, someone I know only from the internet overnighted me a care package. It was full of lovely things, and look what she used as packing material:

Lovely. 480 yards. I feel another shawl or wrap coming on. Or perhaps a sleeved short jacket sort of thing. Normally I don't go for browns so much, but this is golden and slightly coppery pinkish and just beautiful.

Not real friends, my butt. I may have felt like a jonesing heroin addict for two days, but I feel really blessed by my friends.


The Goober took a nap today. It was cute.


I used the web cam on my computer to take a photo of myself.

This is what I really look like when hunched over my computer. Like the boofta hair? That's where the Goob gets it from. Anyway, I'm using this as an avatar on both Twitter and Ravelry, and people have complained about how spooky it looks -- I don't think the realize it's an actual picture of me. Heehee.

So, now I'm gonna go knit.


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

that's the first picture I've seen of you! and somehow... you're younger than I expected. I guess 'cause you're so smrt 'n all, I thought you'd need more years to figure all that out! (best southern accent) lol

I think it's a great pic!

JelliDonut said...

I've "met" some damn fine people online and I think of them as friends. Yeah, I've had people try to make me feel weird for that, but I don't.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

WikiBobo said...

I think the tools are still pink. Damn camera settings.

Friends are friends, no matter where they live (including the inner tubes)!

Katie said...

Hi! I actually thought you were older too, I have to admit. Most women don't develop that tough, 'if you don't like me then f... you' hard shell until they're a bit older. I hope you don't take that the wrong way! You come across as very mature, knowledgeable and confident.
I'm a little disappointed to hear the calipers weren't actually pink. It would have been a wonderful irony.
xx Katie.
P.S. there seems to be some kind of bug, so sorry if this appears twice.

Amy Lane said...

LOL-- you call that boofta hair? *snickers* Amateur.

Anyway, sooooo sorry bout the jonesing heroin addict thing... S.U.X. --but I am glad you're feeling better! I'm enjoying watching the Zaurball Zombie Zing working up... I spent all day making an alpaca alpaca... it came out O.K.--but not spectacular. Alpaca is NOT a good stuffed animal fiber!

Donna Lee said...

I don't think that photo looks spooky, unless what looks like intense concentration is spooky.

I hope you're feeling better by now and the meds have calmed down.

MLJ1954 said...

Great pics. Even the pink tools. The shawl thingee looks loverly. I think it is amazing that you do such incredible things drugged. I would need ritalin or focalin or whatever just to get me past the first three inches.

GrillTech said...

Electron Microscope and particle accelerator at home seem to make sense to me.. But a Trebuchet? Are you planning to lay siege to your neighbors? Or just practice pumpkin chucking?

Lisa said...

congrats on your new blog award!

Emily said...

What's spooky is the screen's reflection in your glasses! I tried peering thru it; you look pretty. I already knew you were youngish.

I'm so sorry you were sick. Chronic illness is a burden, especially when it shifts around under us. My sister's m-i-l said she has cried out, "Why me!?". The answer, too obviously, is, "Why not me?" Totally unsatisfactory.

You manage to carry on anyway, being a mother & wife & creative as well. I think you deserve applause.

Worsted Knitt said...

Oh, the tools would have been so much more fun pink, no? I wonder what people think your avatar is, if not you LOL!

Alwen said...

M'kay, I knew my color vision was weird and all, but I had to go back and look, because I totally saw the lovely micrometer and its stand as standard powdercoat gray.

No one's getting a webcam pic of me. When I'm not smiling, I don't look spooky, I just look mean.