Wednesday, June 02, 2010


The husbeast was amused after last night's blog post. (Really. Seriously. Pretty sure.) So today, to properly put me in my place and show me who is boss, he came home with this:

A micrometer that measures in millionths of an inch or some crazy shit like that. So I can prove that my knitting is rowing out between knit and purl gauges because my needles are off by a millionth on an inch. (Seriously, do even quadruple zeros matter that much, in diameter?) He wasn't done there. He also got this:

A stand to put it in.

I have been put firmly in my place. I dare not sneer again or he's going to come home tomorrow with an electron microscope or something else I dare not contemplate. (Actually, an electron microscope would be pretty cool. Shhh. Don't tell him or he'll buy one and then have the house re-wired to power it.)


Otherwise, I am actually knitting. Still on with the zombie project.

It's on size ones, so it isn't growing fast. But it's soothing. Right now, that's all I care about.


Tonight I went out to get metallic beads to add to the gears I'm putting on the yarn I'm spinning; I've only got a hundred-odd gears, and they're pretty damn expensive and time consuming. And prickly-scratchy. So I'm going with metallic glass beads along with, for some sparkle. I'm stringing the whole kit and kaboodle on crochet cotton, so it should work okay. Imagine me chortling with glee like a mad scientist as I spin this stuff, 'cause I'm about there.

Oh, and did I mention I'm watching Farscape as I spin this? It just seemed right.


Anonymous said...

Will the gears catch as you try to use the yarn? I'm having trouble visualizing it working smoothly.

Alice said...

Love Farscape! I added the entire series on Netflix...I'm up to season 3...^_^

Louiz said...


Donna Lee said...

Farscape will help imbue that yarn with the right attitude!

Millionths of an inch?

KnitTech said...

On the plus side, he picked a good color. =^.^=

WikiBobo said...

It's pink.

Emily said...

Yeah, it's pink. (Shall we say, um, mauve? Or that dreadful word, "puce"?) That's overwhelming love...I suspect he may have secret plans of his own for those tools, though.

I do learn the most amazing ways to waste time I have to rent "Farscape", of which I had not heard before. I don't have TV reception, so I miss everything. Sigh.

Amy Lane said...

BRILLIANT! Both the spinning project AND watching Farscape while you do it. (Love that show. LOVE it.)

spamword: regred --as in, you'll regret wearing red?

Alwen said...

Oh, oh oh shiiiiiiiiny, I want it!

Guess I'll have to limp along measuring my knitting needles down to 100ths of a millimeter. Alas.