Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It was inevitable.

My little poo-butt picked up some germ or other at dinosaur camp last week, and has been laying around like this, not doing much of anything. Well. She's producing gallons of snot. OTHER than that, not much. She's been off her grub, down to eating normal amounts of food, and hoarse. No fever, though. So we're giving her decongestants and letting it run its course.

This is particularly well-timed because the husbeast switched to the night shift this week, so he's trying to sleep in while the kid horks up a lung and cries in this tiny apartment. And me, stuck in the middle. The fun never ends.

So that's where I've been. I didn't think you wanted descriptions of the kleenex the Goober's been dirtying, and that's about all I've got to blog about.


One exciting thing. Dates on the house are set now. The owners are moving out the sixth of July, and we can move in on the seventh. Our house is set to be delivered on the fiteenth; we set it up before we knew just when the previous owners would be out. That one year deadline we had? We'll make it by twelve days.

It's a good thing I didn't know last July that I wouldn't be seeing any of my stuff for an entire year, or I'd have gone completely bonkers.


Last weekend, while the Goober was in the process of getting sick and we didn't realize it yet, we told the Goober to clean her room. She did. We went in, and you could see the floor, and so we mad a big fuss about how good she'd been.

Then I opened the closet door.

Am I the only one imagining little kids huddled over beers at a bar at dinosaur camp, trading parent tips? "Oh yeah, when you gotta clean your room, shove it all in the closet." "Yeah, or under the bed." "Oh, yeah, excellent idea."


There was also a request for knitting photos.

Still working on this. Nothing much to see. It takes a while to knit a mini-shawl in sock yarn. Especially when it's in stockinette. I did lose track of the second Crazy Zauberball. Took me an hour to find it. It was in a bag of fiber batts. Maybe it got cold? Or decided to hide? I can't, for the life of me, remember putting it there, and I've got everyone in the house terrified of my wrath when it comes to touching the fiber. Even the cat. So the ball of yarn MUST have rolled off on its own.


Now I'm gonna hit publish, 'cause our weather looks like this:


Anonymous said...

I do believe you have a normal delightful 4 year old! Everything from the snot to the closet floor brings back so many memories. I still think the cat hid the yarn.

JelliDonut said...

Smart kid. Where else you gonna put your stuff?

NeedleTart said...

While she is healing you could consider watching "Shaun the Sheep" from the makers of "Wallace and Grommit".
The storm just finished blowing through here. Lowered the temperature by 20 degrees, I hate summer. Sweat. yuck!

Barbara said...

When I was quite a bit older than the Goober, Mom hid my Christmas presents under my own bed because she knew that I never cleaned under there. (I was an incurable gift finder and she was at the end of her rope.) Isn't hiding stuff what under-the-bed and in-the-closet are for?

Two weeks! Two weeks until you get to move into your own house. Hang in there, you've nearly made it.

Feel better soon, Goobie.

Louiz said...

Hope she feels better soon. Must be even less fun if it's hot, too:(

12 days under the deadline? Phew! Hope it all goes smoothly.

Emily said...

Oh, boy, you are certainly handling this well. A major move breathing down your neck all these months, sick kiddo, shift-changing husband, cabin fever (which you don't mention, but I'll bet) haven't killed anyone or left town.

Stuff in the closet? that's pretty good, actually. I think my kids at that age just cleared a path.

Donna Lee said...

Yep, I remember the "throw everything under the bed" method of cleaning the room. The closets had no doors so that was out and the bed was handy.

Me and the Goober must be sharing germs because I have been "dirtying" kleenex for a few days and could sleep anytime/anywhere at this moment.

And I hear you about the weather. We've managed to miss the heavy storms, just have the heavy humidity/heat.

Roxie said...

Dinosaur germs? POOR baby! Don't you catch 'em. Strength and health to all.

Sekhmet hid the yarn.

Experimental Knitter said...

Oh man, Goober, DonnaLee, and I all have the same thing!!
Speedy recovery to us all.

jeanfromcornwall said...

Yes, I remember the under-the-bed system of tidying. I knew number one daughter had done it when the legs of her bed didn't quite touch the floor. Number two daughter and son just didn't do it at all!

Failure as a proper parent - that's me.

Amy Lane said...

Awwww... poor Goob. In the summer, too... but yeah-- that's how my kids clean their rooms. I think she must have gotten tips as well!

It's raining here. In Nor Cal. In the summer. You East Coast people may fly that way, but us westies are NOT used to this crap.

Alwen said...

Bloody weather. We had a major thunderstorm the day we set out for Origins, and I swear the storm chased us out of the state. Then what happens? On the way out, there was an earthquake in Ontario!

Something out there is feeling VERY ANGRY.

Galad said...

I'm still a fan of the "closet" school of cleaning. This is a problem :-)