Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting back to normal.

Yes, I'm starting to feel better and all that good stuff. And today I have absolute proof of that, for any of you who've been reading for more than, say, five minutes.

This is the start of a baby jacket. It needs to be in Tennessee by May 5. Yes. I AM SETTING IDIOTICALLY STUPID KNITTING GOALS FOR MYSELF! Obviously I am back to my usual dumbass self! I am sure this is a relief to all of you. And I suspect a few are hoping for my typical slavering rants when the deadline draws near and I go insane.

Anyway. I'm using a Zauberball in the pink and purple color scheme, sock weight. Really like the yarn, in color, texture (nice and soft), and spinning quality. Too often these long color repeat yarns have horrific slubs where the colors meet. So far this one is smooth as a baby's butt. No knots, no nothin', just knitting 'til my fingers fall off.

Things are looking up. Or something.


There have been a few requests for Goober news, and we're into the no news is good news category. She's had a growth spurt.

You can kind of get the idea, there.

This is a blurry action shot, taken today.

We hiked up the hill (well, I walked, she ran) to the rental office to have a conversation with them about the fuckwits in this building who are smoking in the public spaces, thereby giving me asthma attacks. Since it's in the lease to NOT do that, all I wanted was for them to make people follow the rules. Once I explained the asthma and near-pneumonia (twice!) over the winter and the super expensive drugs (that seem to be working), they seemed very kind and are taking it seriously.

If that doesn't work, I'm gonna lay into the smoker with my niddy-noddy.

And here is the Goober last night. (More blur. Still getting the hang of the camera on the new phone.) We went out to eat, and she has lately developed a thing for pizza crusts.

That's her stuffing one into her mouth. Kind of reminds me of the macaroon photo shoot, actually.


So, that's about it. Situation again normal: I'm huddled over a knitting project, cursing myself and wondering what in hell I was thinking. Nothing but good times ahead.


Alwen said...

I have Purple Crazy Zauberball, but I don't know what I'm going to knit with it.

(It can't be socks - my sock drawer is so stuffed I can't close it any more.)

choperena said...

Careful, niddynoddys break easily :/

I have a red rainbow zauberball that I'm making socks of. I've only encountered one knot at the beginning, and it completely is driving me insane. I probably should have done something about it, but there's always that whole "lazy" thing to contend with.

Louiz said...

May 5th is over two weeks away, I know, it's my birthday!

You know what drives some smokers crazy? Speaking as an ex smoker, watch them. Set up a really obvious camera around where they smoke. It might not work, but if they know they're not supposed to be there... it worked on my and my colleagues anyway. (admittedly we were not fuckwits who smoked around someone with breathing issues but still)

KnitTech said...

I've got an application called iSteady, it has a level on the bottom to show when you won't be blurry. Maybe your blackberry has something similar.

Emily said...

I'd be in a pretty impressive rage over the smoking...and I'm an ex-smoker who remembers all too clearly how hard it was to quit, so I'm not in the habit of lecturing smokers. But smoking in an enclosed space that endangers somebody else....oy. I'd take snapshots of the smokers & post them publicly, maybe on the Web. I'm sure this would be illegal & I wouldn't care. (Warn them first: only fair.)

Donna Lee said...

Normal is not to be sneezed at. I haven't seen the zauberball in person but have seen it in photos. They look like great colors but no one has said anything about the yarn itself.

I'm really glad you're feeling more yourself.

Terby said...

Isn't it funny how little they change in a lot of ways? You just learn how to interpret some of the odd looks they gave you as babies a bit better...

Glad to see you're definitely on the mend.

Roxie said...

Legs! She's all legs!

A baby jacket in two weeks? You can do it, even in sock weight. Unless you go nuts and decide to do fiddly stuff like lace or cables or something. Just get a good audio book on the ipod and settle in.

Good luck with the smokers. I like the idea of putting up a highly visible camera.

Rooie said...

I'm guessing you are pretty sure that's gonna be a girl-type baby? ;^)

That Goober sure is a curly headed cutie. Tell her that "Pigsbird" has now officially become the name for your fair city in our house.

Glad you're feeling better

Kathleen said...

Glad to hear good things about Zauberball - I have a pattern idea that might work well in that long repeat yarn. And you can totally do the BSJ! The hardest part will be deciding the buttons and actually sewing up the seams. Honestly!

Amy Lane said...

She's sooooo big and grown up! I know I have one of those too, but it still surprises me! And the Zauberball colors are so awesome... they're on my 'might buy list'. I'm glad you're feeling better--and I look forward to watching you lose your nut for the next two weeks!