Tuesday, April 20, 2010



I started this Baby Surprise Jacket last Thursday. A new record: I've had a migraine the last four days and other than house hunting (house hunting with a migraine; THAT was a treat), all I've done is hunker down and knit. The only thing that stopped me was hand pain. I did knock off early a couple nights because my hands hurt.

Next, I need to sew up the shoulders and block it. Then tomorrow, I'm going out to buy some matching ribbon. With that, I'll make a frog or tie for the front of the sweater and some matching hair pooftas. This sweater is for my sister-in-law's first baby girl (she has a son), and what's the point in having a girl if you can't braid her hair and put flowers in it? If I have lots of time left over (HA), I'll make a matching pin for the baby's mum to wear on a hat or lapel. Then I've gotta wrap up the whole shebang and get it over to my in-laws' in Ohio before the second week of May, when they go to visit the baby momma and can drop off the gift.

Piece of cake. If I don't get carried away. That NEVER happens around here. No, never. Really. I hear you giggling.


The other awesomely awesome news is, I fixed the Wii. Turns out there's some kind of circuit breaker in the power converter in the cord. Once I unplugged everything from the Wii AND the wall, let it sit for half an hour, and hooked it all back up again, it turned right on. Did they have this fixit on the web site? No, not anywhere that I could find. I had to e-mail them and ask for repair info to get this suggestion. So now you know, too.

I, the person who killed two computers in a month, have fixed something. Hopefully this will break the jinx and the rest of my electronics will survive. (Plus I'm not putting tea next to my computer any more.) We're still not sure how the Wii got plugged straight into the wall (imagine some finger-pointing here), but it is now plugged into a surge suppressor with the rest of the TV-related stuff.

Still can't believe I fixed it. Not because it was such a skilled job, but because lately I've had a blue-smoke thumb.


See this? This freaks me out.

Mostly, Sekhmet still ignores the Goober. But occasionally now, the cat will unbend enough to play. Still waiting for them to start the world domination plan.

And this photo? I swear the Goob isn't drunk.

She was laying on my lap when I took this with one hand. The other hand is wrapped under her, with my fingers stuck in her rib cage. She was alternately laughing and screaming and yelling "TICKLE ME MORE! TICKLE ME MORE!" Now I feel like someone's been kicking my arms, because, hey, someone has. But it was really cute.

Now I'm going to sit here and revel in the fact that I fixed something electronic.


irisphnx said...

I'm really quite miffed with you. Damn if that little sweater is so horribly cute I may have to break down and knit one too. In fact, it is so unreasonably adorable I think I must use a Zauberball too. I made a BSJ when my friend first had her sweet baby girl but it was incredibly flawed, at least flawed enough a knitter would notice. Now, seeing the deleriously delightful and delicate dainty you have made, I feel a sense of urgency to cast on as a tribute to your handiwork.

Mandy said...

Love the BSJ! I've never made one, but I do have a friend who recently had a baby girl, so I may just have to see if I can figure out how to do now. Especially since it gives me an excuse to maybe buy some cute sock yarn. Hmmm...

Congratulations on fixing the Wii. I think your electronic jinx has transferred itself to me - today in class, when I tried to start my laptop, I got the blue screen of death that told me it was done with the physical memory dump and it was all broken (I don't actually remember exactly what it said, but I know it wasn't good). Then, on the way home, I tried to turn on my bluetooth headset ('cuz I don't like to hold the phone to my ear while I'm driving, since it makes my fingers go numb), and the phone couldn't find the bluetooth. Didn't matter what I did. They refused to communicate. So, thanks for that. Really.

Louiz said...

That's a very cute BSJ.

Congrats on fixing something, hopefully it has broken the jinx.

Donna Lee said...

Funny how they didn't have that simple "fix" on the website. Maybe they just want people to dump their old wiis and buy new ones. Good for you. The first thing I always do is unplug everything and then replug it in and try turning it on. I always hope that I have faith healed it.

Roxie said...

Luscious surprise sweater.

Sekhmet - love the snowy fat belly.

Bummer, bummer about the migrine! Wishing you surcease and rest.

Alwen said...

My solenoid is in Michigan. But not in my mailbox. *drums fingers*

Emily said...

Oooo, I love that picture of the Goob!

Galad said...

You are the electronics diva for today so enjoy your expert status :-)

Amy Lane said...

LOL!!! Goob looks awesome-cute! My daughter has a gap between her teeth too-- today, her brother was bragging about having lost two teeth, and Squish pointed to the gap between hers and said, "I lost one too! See!"

And good on you for fixing something! Tonight I shall blog about how not only could I not fix something, but Mate couldn't fix it either--your track record? Better!

Anonymous said...

That's some growth spurt! & so impressive that you can find a 4-yr-old face-stuffing photo to compare with one now. Am looking fwd to seeing your finishing touches on BSJ - & thanks for increasing my vocabulary to "Zauberball", tho am happily knitting socks with your yarn at the moment (forget the name, but classy/sassy blue & white stripes - will e-mail a picture). DS