Thursday, April 22, 2010

The art of the hair poofta.

"Hair Poofta" is what we call one of these:

I want to make a few for the baby I knit the Baby Surprise Jacket for. Little pink ones. For maximum cuteness. Girl babies need hair pooftas.

Of course, with the deadline and all, what did I start on?

Building a really elaborate floral spray. That I intend to give away, but geez, no deadline on this one. I'm telling myself it's just practice for the hair poofta, but it's like knitting a doily to practice for a garter stitch scarf.

The good news is, I finally got a little nest/workspace set up. I'd show you photos, but Blogger or my internet connection have gone funky on me and nothing will upload. So imagine my little table here, with a hunormous stack of ribbons off to one side, my netbook running Castle re-runs off Hulu, and a scatter of scissors, wire cutters, pins, needles, and other oddments scattered about.

I also have a photo of the Goober tooting on a toilet paper tube, but it won't upload either.


It's twenty 'til midnight here, and we've been watching the Penguins play in the hockey playoffs for the Stanley Cup. They've been tied with the Ottowa Senators for THREE overtime periods. Basically they've played two hockey games tonight, in a row. I suppose I'm supposed to be full of suspense and on the edge of my seat, but all I can think is "those poor bastards". They have to feel like they've run a marathon or two by now.


Roxie said...

the poofta is darling, and the flower (dogwood?) rocks!

Imagine running two marathons wearing heavy skates and getting whacked with sticks the whole way. Those poor, poor bastards!

Donna Lee said...

The flower is gorgeous and I love little girls in pooftas. Unfortunately, none of my girls would wear them. (I remember being in line to have a photo taken with a bald headed baby and one of the women in line telling me I could use some Karo syrup (in a Maryland drawl) to hold a bow to my baby's head.) Yep, I want the flies to attack my baby.

Geek Knitter said...

Remember that playoff game a few years ago, the Flyers and the Pens?

5 OT's... FIVE! There were people asleep in the stands, and the medical crews were giving so much IV saline between periods that they ran out.

Barbara said...

Hockey is nuts anyway, but to make them play a double game is completely insane. Although I'm hoping to convince my knitting group to go to one of our local team's game next season.

Love the hair poofta, and the word "poofta." Donna Lee, my daughter wouldn't have worn it either. She's never been a poofta kind of girl, still isn't.

Emily said...

I just love that flower. And hair pooftas? I think I've used the term; it's familiar, at any rate. My daughter is forever decorating my granddaughter's head with such things. My granddaughter is amazingly tolerant.

Amy Lane said...

Ah... 'poofta'--I always wondered what the scientific name is for it... It's adorable, btw-- and the grown-up one is REALLY cool. (Andyeah-- that overtime baseball game exhausted me just HEARING about it!)

Anonymous said...

Umm, I don't think that word means what you think it means. I would suggest looking up "Poofta" in urban dictionary to see what I mean.

Bells said...

oh it's pretty but does poofta mean there what it means here? Here it's spelled slightly differently....poofter. Where did you get the word from?