Monday, August 17, 2009

Still kicking.

...and having trouble connecting to the danged internet. This is coming to you from the husbeast's computer. (Mine has all the photos on it, of course.) That's going to get fixed (or else) later, but for now, here's what's going on. (Without photos. Did I mention the photos are on MY computer? And now I realize spell check isn't set the same on this thing, either. Joy.)

So I've got the body of Cameo bound off, and one sleeve almost done. I've got two balls of yarn left. Fifty gram balls. Not one hundred. The sleeve seems to take one ball and a little bit more (it's a short sleeve, obviously), which leaves me most of a ball to do the neck and front ribbing. So it's looking like it's possible to pull this off. It'll just be exciting, is all. I have a bad feeling this is going to be one of those projects where you hold up two yards of yarn and say "this is what I had left!" Ugh. Don't need this kind of excitement.

I had pictures of that. But did I mention, they're on the other computer?

I'm about halfway through spinning all the "Crumb Cake" laceweight, which is good, 'cause I've got a load of other stuff waiting. Remember That Neighbor, the fellow fiberhead? Well. I took her a half-pound bag of the freaking carbon fiber and told her she'd be doing me a favor to take it (I so don't wanna wind up spinning two pounds of that stuff). I also let her poke through my bead box and take some for her beading projects. When she tried to pay me, I told her to give me fiber instead - whatever she considered the value of the beads and carbon fiber; maybe something other than wool, because I'd been thinking of branching out. She told me she'd dig through her stash and drop some stuff off later. I said okay.

Next thing I knew, maybe an hour after that, the in-laws' kitchen table was covered with a pile of fiber about two feet deep. Alpaca, mohair, glittery stuff, a big ball of romney to experiment with (woolen vs. worsted, etc.), you name it, I've got a ball or batt of it now. I wound up with, oh, maybe twice or three times the fiber I thought was the value of the beads and carbon fiber. So everyone walked away happy.

And now I've gotta finish up that laceweight, so I can start on glitter mohair!

Oh- That Neighbor is also looking to unload a drum carder. I've been pricing drum carders lately. So I'm going to try to sell enough stuff in my shop to buy the carder. There's a pound of merino top on its way here, to get dyed in the basement (the new working conditions are going to be... interesting) and put up for sale. I assume people still want Purple Trainwreck. Maybe I'll try again at Dreamsickle. And I need a little something to experiment on. Though I bet someone would buy Menolade if I made it.

So that's the current fiber madness. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to post photos of the damn parade we went to on Saturday. I hate a parade.


Mandy said...

Not a big fan of parades here, either, but kids seem to love them!

I'm completely jealous about the drum carder! I hope you can sell enough quickly to buy it!

Amy Lane said...

Wow-- That Neighbor... how does one get one of those without moving halfway across the country. just wondering, mind you...

(spamword: amster --can you finish that sentence?)

Tanya said...

ooh yes yes-Dreamsickle! I'm still interested in it for my continued plan on learning to spin. Orange is my happy color, so the more in love I am with the fiber color, the greater my chances of sticking with it!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry; I'll take the Crumb Cake off your hands for just about any price. :)

Also, ridiculously jealous of That Neighbor. Ours aren't nearly as nice - and except for the British lady a few houses down, none of them are fiber-inclined. Sounds like you're well on your way to having a good friendship with her!

Shoveling Ferret said...

Ooooh - fiber tasting samples. And wondermous neighbor. I'm excited for you.

And add me to the parade hate parade.

Louiz said...

Wow, that's a neighbour I'd like to have too

Roxie said...

And I bet that neighbor is thrilled to have you nearby as well. God knows I would be. (The house across the street is for sale.)