Monday, August 24, 2009

The exciting non-conclusion!

I got really irritated and threw Cameo across the room last night. Wait. Ahem.

Please read (in your head) the following in a weekly serial radio show kind of voice.

When we last left our jumper/sweater/whatever, it was coming along nicely.

Except for an alarming lack of raw materials.

Well. Last night I decided to bind off the first sleeve with a bit less ribbing than I liked, what with that lack of yarn thing going on. So I did. About halfway through, I found a BIG HONKING KNOT IN THE BLOODY YARN.

At which point I threw it across the room in annoyance. It got moved around some since then, and I've decided what I need to do is tear back to the start of the bindoff (oh, how annoyed I am just typing that damn phrase), cut the yarn, and start over.

If I do it.

Tune in tomorrow (or next week, or, you know, in January) to find out if Cameo gets finished now, or ditched in favor of two Lustkofen that need done by December!!

(for anyone wondering about the previous little symbol, IT IS A MOUSE, for crying out loud! The C is the body and the 8 is the ears, it is crawling from left to right)

Otherwise, I really am working on the 'how to dress' series. It'll definitely be more than one post, and it will emphasize our top half since that's the half we normally knit for. But I'll discuss dresses and trousers some, too. I'm cruising my 'Inspiration' folder for fun examples of different ways to dress:

I believe all of that is from Vintage Textile. Please do endeavor not to drool into your keyboards; it is always a problem for me. (Anyone got a spare fifteen grand for the Fortuny wrap they've got on sale? I really want it.)

I know some of you are obsessing over the gamine/hourglass/boxy issue. If you've got a figure that doesn't fit 'gamine' or 'hourglass' you're likely boxy. It isn't a big deal with the approach I plan to take, because I'm going to cover "if you're bigger on top..." etc. Plus, as you know, there isn't going to be a quiz and I am NOT going to play Fashion Police with my Beloved Readers. (I may break down and do it with a few celebrities. Purely as a learning experience. Really. Honest.) I do strongly suggest busting out the tape measure if you haven't gotten good measurements of yourself for a while (I know some of you do that regularly because you make your own clothing). I would have SWORN I was a boxy figure, but when we measured, I found out my waist is fourteen inches (uh... 36cm) smaller than my bust. It was so shocking I re-measured five times. So, you never know. Toughen up, be brave, and get the tape measure. You never know. You may get good news.

As for some of these clothes, remember, most of these were worn with corsets under them. Which is cheating, to my mind.


amy said...

Yeah, I think the sweaters from Custom Knits are cursed. I didn't throw Jane across the room, but I smothered her in plastic for a while. Die, bitch, die. (Oh crap, that's more violent than I meant.)

Anonymous said...

It is cheating. No one (er, very few people?) actually looks like that. Still, looking forward to the post(s)!

Two questions, real fast. 1) Do you mind if I cite some of your articles/posts on knitting history for a little project of mine? 2) Have you read Nicky Epstein's Knitting on Top of the World? (I don't see it in your - extensive - list of books.) And if so, what was your impression? (Okay, that's three questions.) It would be good fodder for both a book review and design snarking.

And I still want the Crumb Cake. :)

Bells said...

knots suck but that mouse symbol made me laugh.

Totally looking forward to the series.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty excited for the upcoming series. I'm 35 weeks pregnant and my body's going to go through some massive changes before I have time to process the information, so I've been wondering: Will my body go back to the same basic shape it was pre-pregnancy when all is said and done or will I end up with a totally new one?

Emily said...

OK, I don't claim to be a terrific knitter, but...when I find a knot, I cut it out & reknot in a way that allows me to hide it. I've never had a problem with that, ever, though I guess I'm supposed to.

Drool over your fashion pics. Wow. Golly.

Donna Lee said...

I want the champagne colored dress. I have nowhere to wear it (and no budget for it) but I'm in serious lust.

And knots just suck.

Oh, and thanks. I couldn't tell it was a mouse. I'm tactile but not very visual!

Galad said...

Drooling already. Always wanted to be elegant even though I'm more a jeans and t-shirts lover.

Alwen said...

Studip knots! I found one almost at the end of the cuffs of a pair of socks knit from self-striping sock yarn! And the ball didn't pick up at the break - it started to stripe back-a-vards. If they hadn't been toe up . . . grrrr.

Verification word says ~C8>x ratiz. Very lolcats!

Roxie said...

See, this is the difference between an adequate knitter, and a GOOD knitter. I would have just untied the knot, overlapped the ends for a few stitches, said, "IF anyone notices that, they're looking too damn closely at my armpit!" and gone ahead.

Louiz said...

Looking forward to the series. Corsets *are* cheating.

Barbara said...

I want to wear that dolman sleeved wrap with nothing underneath. Not that I have the body for it, but Durwood would love it and make me feel gorgeous. He's a real catch. I'm hourglass, but a full one. Can't wait. Bring on the info with a soupcon of snark!

Anonymous said...

Hasn't most fashion always been about the cheating to meet some arbitrary ideal? Corsets for both sexes, men stuffing their hose (forget if it's 16th/18th century), girdles, wonder bras, the list is endless.

I too was clueless about the mouse. But then being a verbal-type I have issues with pictorial symbols anyway. Sigh. Word verification is semil = limes


Amy Lane said...

I love the flapper dress. Real love. Not as much as I love shorts and a T-shirt, but still...

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