Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I ordered a blue tweed. I wanted an oceaney kind of thing.

Who in hell puts red in a blue tweed??

So now I'm debating between picking out the red when I draft it, or coughing up seriously big bucks for a blue tweed from Louet, or dyeing some myself. Haven't decided what yet, but I'm leaning toward coughing up dough. It'll probably take me until next payday to finish the Frog anyway.


Otherwise, not a lot going on. The Goob has discovered the fun of finger puppets.

This is her using a fake, deep voice, saying "Hi, I'm a lion. Rawr."

She has also rediscovered her shoes from her last birthday.

We've officially hit girly phase. CODE PINK! CODE PINK!


Bells said...

Oh definitely girlie. She's so cute! The shoes are adorable.

Yes, you're right. That's not really blue tweed with all that red in it.

Emily said...

Oh, girly! Enjoy it while it lasts. (Even if it's not your thing...with adolescence comes the possibility of things that will truly raise your hair on end.)She makes a wonderfully girly girl.

Alwen said...

Oh man, I just caught up with Girl Genius! Monday's: "I can work with that!"


Donna Lee said...

I would have loved a girly-girl. My girls all fought the dresses and hair dodads. They still do. I don't think two of my girls own a skirt. I wonder what happened to the pink gene.

Roxie said...

Yeah, wait till she hits thirteen and wears nothing but flat black. Enjoy the pinks!

Blue tweed could have flecks of red in it, but that roving looks more likely to blend to lavender.

Arianne said...

Don't shoot me or anything but I thought that fibres that would spin up with a tweed effect were supposed to have one contrasting colour in to give it the tweedy look? I thought otherwise it was heathered...

But the jury's still out on whether or not I know anything at all so feel free to call me stupid if I'm wrong. (Or even if you feel like it...don't worry. I can take it.)

Amy Lane said...

I don't know--Ladybug's play-conversation today was, "Let's be BEST friends!" I think "I'm a lion, RAWR" actually counters the girliness. You're sooooo lucky.