Sunday, May 31, 2009

I think I'm scared.

Yesterday, having finished the last of the silk/wool blend, I got out my one pound of Purple Trainwreck to have a go at. I figured I'd spin a bobbin or two between other spinning projects, and eventually have it done.

I don't know if most of you remember, but I've been saying for a year that we need to get Einstein or maybe Hawking on the job to explain how it is you can pull off a big wad of roving and there's no visible change in the volume of the original fiber. Fine example here. See this? This is a ten gallon storage container with a pound of roving in it.

No, wait. Let me put my foot in there for scale.

There. THAT is how much roving I'm looking at spinning up. (What possesses me to take on these projects? Seriously?) So, being brave, I pulled off a small portion of it, all along one side of the snake, for the whole length of it. That turned out to be quite a sizable amount of fiber.

That's it in the left, overflowing the orange bowl. See the rest of the roving back in the storage container?? See how there's no change in the volume of the stuff??!!? SEE??!

I'm very freaked. I'm telling myself that if I remain calm and keep spinning, eventually it'll all go away and this won't turn into one of those fairy tales where I spend every night of my life spinning nettles because I pissed off some house spirit or something. (Besides. I thought the pissed off house spirits were sending the cockroaches. Isn't that ENOUGH?)

I broke the little snake down into smaller snakes, ad nauseum.

This is what I've got so far.

Right then. No problem. Done in no time.


Meanwhile, the Goober says "I will wear the cupcake shirt for the rest of my LIFE!! Hey... where's the candy?"


Brokeleg K said...

The problem being: when you pulled off the little snake, you fluffed up the rest of the big snake, so by volume you have MORE in the tub than before you took any away. Get it? Knitphysics I call it. It goes in the same category as "Knit, measure, no change. Knit, measure, no change"

Amy Lane said...

It's magic--I swear it is magic! Even better than gold!

Cam-ee said...

I don't get the "knit, measure, no change" thing. I get the "knit, measure, note measurement, knit for another half an hour, how on earth can it possibly be shorter than it was half an hour ago?!?!" thing.

Boyfriend thinks it's hilarious. It happens with my spinning too. I think it reckons it deserves more of my time.

Roxie said...

Housework seems daunting in much the same way, but at least with spinning, you eventually come to the end. Really, you do. With housework - it never ends.

And the other thing that boggles the mind is how alll that fluff will spin down into yarn that won't fill a quarter of the bin. But you have a sweater's worth of fiber and I LOVE the colors!!

Louiz said...

Yarn bends space time continuum. Pratchett made public the L-Space aspect... would this be Y-space or possibly f for fibre space?

Linda said...

I can't explain it but I love those colors.