Friday, May 22, 2009

Not bad.

Finished them last night. These came into the house as undyed roving, and so today I'm feeling all clever and self-reliant. They fit and everything. I think I'm gonna do another pair, soon, with twisted ribbing all over (except the sole which will be reverse stockinette). That should help the fit significantly; I've got weird feet. Already have the undyed roving here. Bwahahaha. I'll probably also dye some Summer Berries roving for the shop, while I'm at it.


The Goob's been entertaining lately. We finally got her some real crocs, and we had the silly "croc charms" as I think of them, from a previous shopping trip when they were given to us for free. So we let the Goober pick where she wanted them on her shoes, and we ended up with this:

I call them the tutti-fruity shoes. (Like the Tutti-Fruity hat, only without Carmen Miranda and the fun song and dance. Personally my favorite Carmen Miranda is Tico Tico, and I imagine a day will come when the Goob sings it. Though she still won't sing Dean Martin with me.)

She has also taken to putting together puzzles all on her own. It's her new big thing; we can't get puzzles into the house fast enough.

She's up to 48-piece puzzles on her own. I turned her loose on a 100-piece yesterday and that was a bit much (she needed help), but give her a week and she'll be at it. FYI, Target has their own in-house brand puzzles, Circo, that are cheap - $2.99 for a 24 piece puzzle - well made, and cute. That's what she's putting together there with the butterflies and flowers. They sell tractors and stuff too, for little boys. (Or little girls like mine.)


Finished spinning all the Summer Dusk, as I'm calling it.

Have now started on the other non-blue fiber. It's actually steel gray and so far from blue I'm thinking of dropping the seller a note and telling them their terminology on their website is really misleading. I know I'm the color freak, but I stare at this stuff and I can only see the faintest hint of slate blue. It's gray. It should be labeled as such. It'd make an awesome plain scarf for a guy to wear with an overcoat, though.


Otherwise, I'm looking about for the Next Project, now that the socks are done. I'm dithering between finishing the Pinwheel Sweater (that has been on the needles since freaking 2006 and only needs sleeves and I would WEAR IT THIS SUMMER), or casting on "Cameo" (Rav link) from Wendy Bernard. Cameo would use yarn from the stash (the lavender cotton that's been in there for five plus years), so either would be virtuous. But I'm leaning heavily toward finishing the Pinwheel. Honestly. 2006. Good grief.


Amy Lane said...

THose are some mighty fine socks--but if you're going to do twisted rib, why not do a Cookie cable pattern and REALLY make yourself crazy? And I know it's gray, but it's really beautiful... I'm starting to covet it myself (but my stash is outsized, so all coveting must be passive!)

Rooie said...

Nice socks!

But hurray for the Goober's puzzle love. I loved puzzles, too, as a kid (and still do, 50 years later). We had some wonderful wooden puzzles when I was little...some straight-forward, pretty-picture English ones and some "pieces also work as toys" Swiss ones, as well as the usual clunky Playskool puzzles and cardboard puzzles. Man, I loved those puzzles.

Louiz said...

Those are fantastic socks, not surprised you feel all clever and stuff.

The "blue" stuff looks grey to me. Blue grey maybe, but still... grey.

Finish the pinwheel! Then start cameo! (says the woman cheating on her knitting with... books. And not knitting. or spinning. Not until I've finished this one)

Galad said...

I loved puzzles too and my daughter is still puzzle crazy. 500 piece are about my max but still fun.

Great socks! I really like how them came out. That must be such a feeling of accomplishment starting from the roving.

Have a great weekend!

Bells said...

oh well done - from roving to socks - you are clever!

Cutey pie Goober photo. That hair....sigh.

Yarnspider said...

Love the socks. Am now trying to work out how to get a pair of shoes just like the Goobers...

dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Julie, how cool to know that you are introducin' your wee one at such a tender age to our Dino...never was, never will be anyone as cool as the King of Cool...oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth....and keeps those Dinotunes comin' your little ones' Dinoway....

Alwen said...

Now I am craving, CRAVING, an orange creamsicle. Watch, I'll go try to buy them and the store won't carry them any more.

I wish bloggers would quit spinning all over the place: don't I have enough undone projects!

Verification is unwingl.

Deana said...

Well shit, J... I wish I knew the Goobette was into puzzles! I could have picked up dozens of them today at the flea market- brand new and sealed- for 50 cents each! Damnit! I gotta text you more often.

Cute pic of the Goob, btw! I just love her hair <3

(word of the day: Diatene. That's when Pantene ProV goes generic)

Roxie said...

Ooo.dreamsicle socks! Yes, finish the damn pinwheel. You'll be so glad to get it out of the pile!

Tootie fruitie tootsies. Teehee!

Emily said...

Don't your feet feel especially loved, with those socks? They are beautiful! And you should feel really really smug.

(Love the Goober pics..what a princess.)

Donna Lee said...

I felt that way when i spun yarn for socks for my husband. It was so cool and I felt very competent. The purple trainwreck is spinning up nice and thin. My youngest daughter is making all kind of "oh mom, that is so beautiful, I really love it" noises. I think she wants me to give it to her, or make her some socks.

Sarah said...

From undyed roving to the finished article - you should be proud. You got any room for a sheep?