Sunday, May 24, 2009

Creativity. I has it.

I've no idea what triggered this great burst of creativity, but I'm not gonna fight it. If I wind up wrecked and tired in two or three weeks, I may have some sweaters and fiber to show for it, so screw it. I'm riding the wave. Among other things, I've been getting ready to put up a bunch of stuff in the Etsy shop. Mostly hand spun yarn, but I'm trying to finish up some roving, too.

Some of it is older, and I'm selling it more to not have to move it, than anything else. Prices will reflect that; some of this isn't my best work. Got a custom sock yarn order to work on, got some roving I'm gonna dye and turn into another pair of socks for myself. Got some merino I think I'm gonna spin with gold metallic thread.

I'm also still spinning the silk-merino.

I finally figured out what color it is; it's the gray-blue of really faded indigo-dyed denim. Nice, but not really blue. I can't want to be done with it, because I'm sick of trailing silk fibers all over the house and leaving them stuck all over. Last night I picked silk fibers out of the hamburgers I was making. NOT appetizing.

I also dug out the circle cardigan and am finishing up the sleeves. I think I can get it done soon enough to wear it this summer, which would be very cool. All else aside, it will just be FINISHING SOMETHING.

Love the yarn. (Lara from Elann.) I'm betting it could be used as a substitute for reeled silk yarns. I should do a review. I bought enough of this to do a knit-on edge, changed my mind back to the crochet, and now have enough to do a tank or tee to go under the circle cardi, like a funky twin set.

And as if things aren't crazy enough, I got books. Woohoo! Top-down knitting. Barbara G. Walker. Wendy Bernard. Fashion. History of clothing. Design. Mwahahahahaha.


Bells said...

hey it'd be great to see you finish something for you - seems to me all the stuff you've finished in the last FOREVER has been for family!

Amy Lane said...

mmm... that sockyarn... me covets it... me covets it lots and lots... mmmmm...

My quote for today-- "Mom... can I have that BOX?!!!"

Roxie said...

My inner magpie is throwing a hissy fit because she wants it all. My inner banker is counting pennies and considering. Your etsy shop this morning (Monday) shows one (1) item for sale. Am I too late for the fun?

Finish that cardi. Just the ticket for those over-air-conditioned buildings and waiting rooms.

At least it wasn't a live rat.

Hannah said...

I love Wendy Bernard (and her patterns)!! I got her book in January and have already finished 3 projects from it!