Friday, February 27, 2009

Still here.

Really. I've been hunkered down knitting, and the in-laws had some long-time friends of theirs visit for several days, so I've either been kid wrestling or huddling under a rock. But I'm here.

This morning we went out to a little beach-shack diner/bakery sort of place for breakfast. Bells requested food info, and I didn't have the nerve to take flash photos of my food in the restaurant (believe it or not, some places are banning that, but this didn't seem the place, it just seemed rude). But I got a photo of the menu.

Across the street was the beach, and beyond that, the shrimp boats were out.

And it was all terribly atmospheric if you go for that sort of thing. (Apparently I'm not an Ohio farm kid any more. Twenty years ago I would have thought it was all very romantic. Now I look at the fishing boats and think of pollution and overfishing and feel rather surly.)

The food was really good, though. We intend to go back when the husbeast is here, for the bratwurst breakfast. He will weep joyous tears of beer.


Otherwise, not a lot going on, which is just how I like it on vacation. The Goob's been having a good time.

That's her, blowing bubbles on the porch, and putting on makeup with Grandma. (She got the works - eye shadow and everything. And lipstick. She's big into lipstick.)

For those who'd asked about how Chico gets to the top of the cabinets, he does it the usual way; he jumps up to the counter top, then to the top of the fridge, and from there it's barely a hop up to the cabinets. He's a youngish kitty, barely two.


Information will be going out today, on who is sending socks where for Sock Roulette. I really am on it. Srsly.


Roxie said...

A yellow sleeveless sundress and bubbles outside in February. Oh heart-burning pangs of bitter envy. I want to be your goober!

Did you get makeup photos, too?

Barbara said...

I can see that Grandma is in hog heaven putting makeup on the Goob. There's nothing like a granddaughter, is there? I hope I get one someday.

I still see boats on the ocean and think romantic, even after seeing a Japanese shark fishing boat in port in Palau a few years ago being detained by the fish police for having illegal shark fins in their hold. I'm an optomist, I guess.

Now I'm jealous that I'm not getting a sock. Promise you'll run it again next year when I'm better at socks? Pleeeeeeease?

Emily said...

Oh, how I howled at the Yarn Harlot's saga! That is so me! I am hopeless at reading directions. But she persevered far beyond the point when trauma would have shut me down. Beyond the laughter, I'm in awe.

I started a lace tee thing once without realizing it was to be done in the round, and I was horrified at the number of stitches. I realized about an inch into the thing &, with great relief, went on from there in the round. So there's a little vee-opening on one side of the bottom, and I don't care.

Louiz said...

The best thing I found when I visited the states was the food... The most amazing, tasty, extremely filling, and huge portions of it too. And we visited family and friends in the states, so we went to little neighbourhood food places, not the big headline places, and they were uniformly amazing. This was before I got into knitting, so my overwhelming memory of the states is the food.... enjoy:)

Oh, and I've finished my sock!

Ann said...

Squee! I'm really excited to send out my sock, and see what I get in return!

Amy Lane said...

Wow-- she looks like everything a Goober should be in Florida! Sounds like a lovely time--even though there's overfishing and pollution and surly bratwurst tears of beer...

Bells said...

oh she looks so pretty. So lovely. Why am I not surprised she's into the lipstick? She's a princess all round.

I too hold off on food photos in some places. It just feels wrong.

mrsfife said...

The Goober being girly! Me likey!