Thursday, February 12, 2009

Roulette button! Finally!

Here it is, in all its alleged glory:

If you like, link it back to the original post explaining the knit along, found here.

I also put links to everyone who is participating, in the sidebar. If you aren't there, I need an e-mail to SamuraiKnitter AT to sign you up. (Amy Lane, THIS MEANS YOU.) Signups are open until February 27, if you can knit a sock overnight. (It is physically possible and I wouldn't put it past some of you.) I will send out the addresses of who you need to mail to, on February 28. Hopefully, socks will go in the mail March 1 or thereabouts.

Those of you without blogs who are on the list in the sidebar, I put links back to the original roulette page, because the Blogger widget made me put in a link. The idea of coding all this in HTML made me want to swoon, so I cheated. Of course, if I screwed up your name or blog or anything, please e-mail and let me know and I'll fix it. In some cases I used aliases instead of real names because I think they're more easily recognized; if you want your name instead, or if your name is there and you want an alias, say the word.

At the end of March I'd like to do a post showing photos of all the pairs of socks we've produced. I'll keep an eye on blogs, but for those of you without, you could e-mail me a photo of your masterpiece. That'd be great. If you decide to not knit the mate of the sock you get, or take too long or whatever, that's okay too.

I've got the gauge swatch done for my sock and will be knocking it out this weekend. I think I'm going to race myself and see how fast I can do it. I hate to sound like a snob or a jerk, but compared to 0000 needle doilies, socks seem pretty easy. (I haven't knit that many.) That said, watch this sock turn into something horrific. (That's why I'm doing it early... just in case.)


Otherwise, uh, yeah. Ran into problems finishing the Blueberry Puff and am sick and tired of looking at it. It is on needles, awaiting bind off, end-darning, and a fastener, flung in a corner of my office. Bah.

I've finished (as in grafting and end-darning and everything) the Faux Russian Scarf - which may yet be a stole, it looks pretty big - and it is soaking in the sink now for blocking later this evening. I will get photos, and several people have asked questions about lace and I'll try to discuss them then.

Apparently everyone I know is giving birth at the same time - soon - so I'm knocking out a couple quick gifts for that. I can't show them because some of them read the blog. But I've got a really cute BSJ about half done, and I'm using Etsy shop stock to do it, so it's two birds with one stone. Anyone know a good pattern for a baby squid hat?

Now I'm going to crawl back under my rock with some knitting. I like it under there.


Tesha said...

Do I get to see what a squid hat looks like or am I doomed to wait for when Johnny gets all giggly cause it came in the mail? heh

Anonymous said...

I cheated and finished my sock already. YEAH!!!

It was a color I would never wear so I put it aside. Now I get to add it to my finoshed list!!

Whoo Hoo.


Amy Lane said...

Dude--lots of good stuff to do, and I sent you an e-mail... (I thought the 'big-assed feet thing covered it... apparently I was wrong!!! Sorry!)

I don't have a pattern, but I hope to see the one you come up with!

Louiz said...

You mean we're supposed to put pictures up, not keep it secret? Ah... ok:)