Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I has followers!

The new Google reader thing registers regular readers as 'followers' in Blogger. Which is kind of a hoot, 'cause 'followers' makes me feel like a religious figure. (I know, sacrilegious, but funny.) Anyway, hi, new folks.


Needle Tart, my buddy Trish also has big feet, and is offering to swap socks with you. Anyone else wanting to go with a women's large/ex large size, send me an e-mail at SamuraiKnitter@gmail.com with "Large sock" in the message header and I'll do a secondary swap within a swap for you guys. Sorry, I hadn't realized how many of you out there wanted larger sizes or I'd have proposed it right away. I'll update the Sock Roulette page with the added info.

There was another question... yes, when you get the sock in the mail, it's yours. You knit the mate and keep the set. Yours for life. What you're doing is letting someone else pick the pattern and yarn for you and knit the first sock. I'm thinking it could be a great learning experience. Or just crazy. You know. Depending.

When I arrange who mails to whom, it will very likely NOT be a direct swap. Meaning, you'll send your sock to someone, but that person will probably not be sending back to you, but firing off THEIR sock to someone else. That'll keep things more entertaining, I think. And I hope make it easier for me to move socks around. I think I've got a system figured out; we'll see if it works.


Photos off the camera!

Here's the sweater my mother-in-law knit.

She knit it for her husband, and it was in progress when I started MY cableknit (the dark blue I just finished) for my father-in-law. He assured us there was no such thing as too many cable knit sweaters. So we both made him one, and they're so different that I can see why he wanted two. I'm the one who taught my mother-in-law to knit, just four years ago, so I'm quite proud.

And here's the 'let them eat cake' photo. Still working on getting video.


Today I did a drawing, giving the general idea of what I want to do with this wrap design. It's both more and less complicated than I was planning. The good news is, I'm pretty sure I know how, technically, to accomplish what I need to do, to get it to look the way I want. The bad news is, unless my design plan works almost perfectly at the first go (what are the odds?), I won't have time to get the proposal together for Twist. At least not now. It occurred to me, there will be winter and spring issues too, and this wrap is appropriate for all seasons but summer. (Even summer, in some areas.) So even if I run late THIS issue, there's still hope for the next two.


Mandy said...

I love you MIL's sweater - what pattern did she use? I want one! Also, what do you consider large sizes in socks? I wear a 9-9 1/2 wide shoe, but I have big calves. So are we going to need a "plus size" section, as well as the "large feet" section? Methinks this is going to get complicated!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

The sweater your MIL knitted up is beautiful. I'm wondering also if there is a pattern and which yarn is that?

Caroline said...

Love the Goob pic! Obnoxiously cute! :)

Amy Lane said...

Go MIL-- that's gorgeous! (And shouldn't peasants eat cake? What lovely, Marie Antionette hair she has!)

Bells said...

oh that Goober photo is a killer!

And good work by your MIL!

I'm bowing out of the sock swap, or rather, not signing up. Doing a Rav swap just now and also just did a sock swap so I'm all swapped out!

NeedleTart said...

As my leader commands. The e-mail will be going out once The Husband is finished with his game. Could be tomorrow.......
All Hail!

Puck said...

We women with large feet must stick together, I suppose. It is hell trying to find nice, stylish size 11's that don't cost a fortune >.<

Roxie said...

Oh, ask Marie where she got her dress and do they carry adult size 14? I am so jealous! (She is too lovely for words!)

Followers, hell, I wouldn't be surprised if you had stalkers!

Anonymous said...

I is a follower...LOL

Found your blog and have been reading it for a couple of weeks now. Glad you and Goob are feeling better, and thought the VK review was fantastic.

I also have monster size feet and just finished my first pair of socks! I am pleased as punch and look forward to improving my knitting and the fit.

Deb said...

I is a follower! I came across an article in knitty that you wrote on the history of knitting, found it fascinating and thought I'd like to look up the author. Found your blog and got hooked. Thanks for the enjoyable read!

Granny's Girls said...

Enjoy your snappy repartee with my morning coffee. Your mother sounds a lot like mine.
In another life time I would have been an archaeologist if it weren't for a guidance counsellor who said I had no business expecting my parents to send me to university when I had 2 brothers. Her take was that I would only get married and then have babies.
Ergo I also enjoy your non knitting posts. hug the goob, they grow up faster than you can believe mine will be 32 in March..????where the hell did the time go