Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sekhmet you fucker.

I'm trying to pack to get us to Florida, and you see the help I get. (Yes, of course I packed the knitting first. Doesn't EVERYONE?)

In related news, Goober, you little shit.


As I was packing things up last night - electronics, clothes, toys, medications, computers - I said to the husbeast, "Remember the good old days, when you packed for a trip by grabbing some extra underwear and another tee shirt and jumped in the truck?" to which he replied, "....underwear?"

That's my husbeast.


So, anyway, Florida. Headed there, today, obviously. Five hour drive in a Jeep with a three year old and no other adult as a safety net. I can't begin to describe my excitement. (The Goob, however, is on a tear at the idea of grandma and grandpa.) Bells has told me to take lots of photos, so I shall. Her wish is my command. (Plus, exotic is wherever you aren't, and there are lots of blog readers out there who've never been to Florida.) There appears to be an internet connection down there, and my new, super whammo-dyne computer hooks up to the internet come hell or high water (really, even without me telling it to do so - it's quite amazing), I should be able to blog somewhat normally.

Here goes nothin'.


Anonymous said...

My cats do the same thing when I start packing. I have to watch out or they pee in it.

Drive safe.


Roz said...

Bobo does it to make sure no other cats or dogs get friendly with me while I'm gone.

Goober was just checking to see if there was enough room on the shelf. Just checking.

Alwen said...

I have to laugh at your husbeast.

On his first trip to the Netherlands, my DH turned out to have packed no socks. So one of our first experiences with the Amsterdam street markets was buying socks in them.

On his second trip (I stayed home with a three year old) he landed with no underwear, and had the embarrassing experience of trying to explain "boxers" to a 19-ish female cashier with not much English.

Although he never gets lost, stuff like toothbrush, underwear & socks regularly get bought on vacation!

Galad said...

My cats do that too. I think they want to make sure everything is covered a nice layer of hair so I don't forget them.

Have a safe trip!

Robin said...

Good luck! I have friends that had two little girls. They left southern Virginia headed to Florida. Before they got out of the city limits, their youngest asked (for the first time) if they were there yet. It was a long trip!! Can't wait to see pictures. Hey! At least Sekhmet didn't pop his head out halfway to Florida!

Caroline said...

My mom has two big husky type dogs. When she starts packing a bag, one of them prefers to keep her head in the bag while mom packs - just to make sure she doesn't get left behind. The other dog keeps picking out the socks and underwear to play with them. It makes for a very amusing situation - for me at least. She is generally not as amused. ;)

Bells said...

you must just spend your whole life laughing, between the cat, the child and the beast!

We just finished watching series 2 of Dexter so feel like Florida (well, Miami really) is all about city meets the swamp and really bright sunlight.

Donna Lee said...

By now, you and the Goober are safely in Florida. I'll think about you guys in the sunshine as we shiver in the last bit of winter. And I'm with Bells, photos would be great!

Amy Lane said...

Wheeee! An adventure! Drive save and don't let the Goober near the alligators--I hear those things are protected!